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  1. Thank you very much. I will test if it is set to Legacy or Modern. On air the aircraft moves according the movement of the joystick only down, NOT up. I moved from Legacy to Modern in General and my problem is solved. Many thankx
  2. Same here. It seems that the aircraft's stall speed has been changed with update # 5 and is now much too high for the C172. Now I need to trim a lot to takeoff like that : Which is quite unrealistic.
  3. Mod Selector (beta) : https://flightsim.to/file/1124/mod-selector
  4. A saved flight on air starts on land.
  5. To avoid 180°, I delete all previous points in the Fpl (C172 old).
  6. 5 000' 50% 12 000' 37-38% (around for C172)
  7. On my Pc, sometimes FPS drop to 15 around and, mainly, to 1 ! If I right click on the speaker icon, the FPS immediatly goes up to a normal level (30 or more). As you when you click on Q. After that, I close the speaker window (by clicking on the red cross) and the FPS stays at high level. (I have desactivated the Nvidia audio driver in task manager but not sure it is important).
  8. Maybe an audio driver conflict. See what happens if you right click on the speaker icon (bottom desk).
  9. I have both Realtek and NVidia audio driver which are active. Here, I have the choice between unactive and uninstall. What choice to do ?
  10. Try a right clic on the speaker icon to let Windows solves the problem.
  11. At 20 %, it is too late. Move the lever before (N2 at 6 % for example).
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