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  1. It did. But only 2 types, sometimes put on final where there are none and only one colour variant. Asobo takes into account just basic osm tags usually, so their additions like these are not that varied.
  2. Same here. My users kindly notified me quite early.
  3. Even if we could find the model, which I've never tried, the replacement would replace ALL power lines. My plan is to add a red/white model and replace only those lines that are near airports. Step two would be removing misplaced power lines. Then maybe make some models to better represent local styles of these and how tall they are (if data is available) Of course it depends if it won't kill FPS. I think Asobo wants to add that option till the end of the year, but knowing them realistically it will be around March 😉
  4. They are compatible but there is still a small chance of freeze on loading for some users. It has nothing to do with these or any other mods (yes, I know removing them fixes the problem). The bug is on the side of Asobo and they found it. It will be fixed in SU6. Drzewiecki and other payware developers had a similar issue.
  5. We Love VFR doesn't add power lines, because we don't have the ability to remove default ones. Asobo promised to add it, so I will see what I can do with it when we have that feature in SDK. It will be a bit tricky as Asobo already adds power lines based on OSM data. So I don't know if I'll find the missing ones. I'm more into adding painted ones near airports. Plus, FAA data has a lot of power lines in their data marked as... antennas. Mostly in California. Removing manually around 2000 of them was "fun".
  6. If I had the ability to detect objects that are placed "over" my objects I would happily disable mine. Sadly it's not possible. However it is very easy for other developers to disable my objects. You just place exclusion rectangle and it's done. Now the only thing left is to set proper order of mods. All is described in read me file. Many freeware developers do that to make their mods compatible. I guess payware developers aren't even aware that We Love VFR exists. Could I do the same the other way around? Sure, but what's the point? Mine should be treated as autogen on steroids, so custom sceneries should always have higher priority and in theory better quality. Region 1 wasn't updated because it has no smoke effects yet. That means update was not necessary and it should work just fine. New update should be available later this month with new object type added 😉
  7. I totally agree about lighthouses 😉 But first - cooling towers.
  8. So far I counted literally 4 people with issues (there were few that reported bugs, but it turned out it was not my mod). All these can be resolved with removing one file, which is experimental (smoke effects), so it's not that bad. Still couldn't replicate those issues on my side, unfortunately. I totally understand that people are cautious with adding mods. It can be annoying when something messes up your sim. The only advice I'd have is, add one at a time and not just after sim update. Add something, fly with it for some time. It should give you clear view if that particular add-on messes something up. It's exactly the same with payware add-ons (and even sims 😉 ). Even those which come from established devs can have game breaking bugs, that are very rare and hard to replicate. But they usually have more time to test their products, as people pay them for it 🙂 Hope, one day you'll change your mind about freeware add-ons. There are some really spectacular gems out there. And to all others. Thank you for your kind words.
  9. I just wanted to say thank you. You all made my day 🙂
  10. Thank you. I was really surprised and happy at the same time. I plan to contact Asobo, so maybe they will use my data, or even all package. So far it's still a bit too early as first I have to cover the whole World. But with every update of one region I create tools that help other regions. Even if this won't ever get into the sim, and Asobo will add their own antennas or chimneys, I still believe that with as many variables I take into account, my add-ons will recreate these objects better and stay relevant.
  11. I update rarely, but reports like yours push overall quality higher. Thanks to your report there are many things set by country. Not only grey masts in UK, but in USA most chimneys are sandy/grey but in Cuba most are red/white. In USA and Mexico most small GSM masts are set as concrete pole ones instead of lattice metal ones, etc etc. Even construction cranes colour probability is modified in some countries 🙂 Things like these take a lot of time but I like to implement such details.
  12. Wow, I don't even need to make announcement here. Thank you 🙂 And thank you everyone for kind words and donations. There are still some bugs to squish with visual effects as it is totally experimental, but apart form that it looks like it works ok. If you have any objects that are missing or need correction you can notify me on my discord or in comments at flightsim.to. Yeah it was. Over 4000 manually placed objects and corrections. AIP data from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana was in pdf format so I had to add it all manually. Many many hours of coding, research, analysing data, making models, downloading copies of the whole OpenStreetMap. But it makes me happy that people have fun with it 🙂
  13. Until you install conflicting scenery. Then you must rename BOTH sceneries in proper alphabetical order, to make system add them in the order you want. Or you can just move global scenery that has lower priority higher in the file and forget about it, because every new scenery will be added at the end of the file.
  14. You can't edit posts here? Maybe it's because I'm new. Just wanted to add that it looks like only sceneries are added automatically to content.xml. I don't have many addons installed, but it looks like quite clear pattern. And as expected community sceneries are added alphabetically at the end of the file.
  15. Official? Did Asobo state that it is like that or it's just the way everyone is used to from FSX era. I'll do some testing too when I have some time as it should be clear. At the start it was wonky, but after one of the updates it got clear for me that context.xml order finally works. It is a chance that things not listed in that file are loaded by alphabetical order but I still think that file has priority, so relying simply on folder naming is not reliable at all. Especially if other programs and installers might mess with it.
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