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  1. It would be rather strange if they are loaded separately from normal scenery. Another thing is that Budapest and Germany doesn’t tell that much as it all comes to simulator caching the scenery and loading data to memory. Third is that there may be something wrong with the mods which causes them to behave abnormally from rest of the scenery. There are probably thousands of scenery mods currently already and I’d think that if slowing down would be generally an issue, there would be much more reporting of the issue as many people drop those mods in their community folder by dozens. Usually FPS problems I’ve seen reported are mods without proper LODs and they specifically point to the FPS hit in vicinity of the scenery.
  2. ROFLMAO. I've read so many forum about MSFS that are repeating exactly the same things people complained about FSX from 2006-2007, that it isn't even funny anymore. I still remember these: runs like a word not allowed, FS9 is superior in every way, no addons etc. Like, duh. FSX was a mess at least up to the SP1 which was released about 6 months after launch. FSX (and pretty much any other civilian aviation sim) have included only very basic aircraft with the package, something that can be easily made with the basic SDK tools. Correct me if I'm wrong, but better 3rd party creations arrived to FSX months later and I think it is quite normal that sims that has been available for years and decades offer quite a bit more on the addon front compared to a product launched few weeks ago. I didn't even have FSX at launch, but my personal initial impressions with MSFS ahs been much more positive compared to those with FSX. Poor performance was just atrocious and even in the later days it was endless balancing act depending on the what aircraft, scenery and weather you had. I agree that there has been and still is issues with MSFS2020 and dellaying launch few months would've probably removed most issues. But in this regard it really is not that much different from its predecessor. MSFS at least on my system has much more consistent performance across the board no matter what daytime, weather or location you have, it looks extremely good out of the box and has more refined things such as weather engine.
  3. Yes, I saw it. I didn’t actually reply directly to your post, but as you spoke true words about authorized sellers, I used your perfectly fine post to clarify how to find them easily, compare prices and what is the difference between G2A and for example CDKeys. And yes, authorized is a the proper term. The probably doesn’t have any true license 🙂 Isthereanydeal.com is a great place to find the cheapest price among authorized sellers (or check the all time cheapest price for example to see if the deal is good). Edit: And yes, Fanatical is a great store. Especially their Featured/Star Deals can be amazing!
  4. The magic word is licensed reseller. G2A, Kinguin and every similar key marketplace isn’t. CDKeys isn’t licensed either, but it isn’t a marketplace, but namely a grey key seller. No one knows where the keys come from, but most likely they are taking advantage of regional pricing differences. I wouldn’t still put a dime in their pocket either, but its everyone’s choice if shady business model bothers or not. Just use isthereanydeal.com or look approved sellers r/GameDeals. Every single seller listed in either of those is a safe storefront to buy and keys are obtained from reliable sources.
  5. So much this. Avoid these unlicensed stores like plague. Not only they list keys purchased with stolen credit cards, but have also sold stolen keys which makes them directly part of the warez business. At best, the cheap keys are ”grey” which means they have been bought originally from lower regional pricing countries/areas. Sure, your key might activate fine, even work indefinitely, but at worst it may cause your Steam account locked long after activating the criminally acquired key. More than thinking the risks of losing your account and/or software license, everyone should ask themselves if they really want to support business model which is tied closely to criminal activity? I sure don’t. More useful info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/keyresellers
  6. I have had game pass for Xbox couple of years now and finally ultimate almost since it arrived. Game Pass offers quality stuff for both systems. One thing everyone should still take a note: some games may leave the service after the contract period (perhaps to return soon again). The catch is that you can’t play the game anymore after they have departed, even if you have the game installed and attached to your account. This really hasn’t been the problem for me and you get notifications of games leaving the service and most titles I’ve seen leaving have been smaller indie titles. Some really good PC titles currently in the service (tried to include different genres): Crusader Kings 3, Battletech, Final Fantasy VII, IX and XV, both Ori games, Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1 and 2, Football Manager 2020, The Outer Worlds, Gears and Halo games. Complete list is here: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass/games?=pcgames IMO it is a great service and absolutely no brainer if you enjoy gaming in general. It gets lot’s of brand new releases, not just older games available in sales for few bucks/equivalent. You can pretty much count every MS title getting game pass release like FS2020 did. Among other developers who I feel are actively pushing games to the service are Paradox and SEGA.
  7. This is very typical for high profile launches. Big bunch of people are hurry testing the game when it is released and after that the user usage spreads and sets on more regular levels. There are certainly those, who tried it, refunded it or forget it among the other games in their back log and won’t look back, but this is how it goes. There will also be positive spikes when some major updates are released. It is of course possible that MSFS loses much of the user base and doesn’t gain long term momentum, but it certainly needs longer time period to make that conclusion and launch day is a poor starting metric how user base evolves. IMO MSFS has all the possibilites to maintain a steady player base even among the non simulator crowd. It is still very manageable for every casual player and successes of games like European and American Truck Simulator show that people do like relaxing open world games. I bet that if similar freight/passenger hauling/economy addon is released at some point, it will be huge success.
  8. TIR needs to be running before sim has loaded.
  9. They imitate CRT display’s scan lines. That particular filter tries to add other CRT-like effects, like color blending but I’ve much better overlays for MAME for example. As an owner of several CRTs for my vintage computers and consoles, I could go to lengthy posts about the amazing properties of CRTs and how they were utilized back in the day, but this is wrong thread and forum for such things.
  10. I’ve pretty much noticed the same and for my setup (R9 3900x, 32GB DDR3400, 1080ti OC, 3440x1440@100Hz G-sync) performance difference between for example medium and ultra presets is very small. Then again, I am generally very satisfied with the performance even with ultra. Although I haven’t yet used the sim extensively, but all the planes, weather and daytime settings I’ve tested perform at least adequately and don’t give bad performance hit. I’m mostly getting at least high 30s even around NY. Experience is really smooth in general, but of course not perfect. It all depends where the bottleneck is. Oddly enough my GPU pretty much maxes out at 99-100%, but CPU doesn’t pretty much hit 100% in any of the cores except perhaps briefly. Because none of the cores get really maxed out, boost clocks remain low around 4150-4200MHz. This to me hints GPU bound setup, so graphics settings should have pretty high impact in general, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think that many people tend to forget that under the hood this sim and it’s engine work quite differently from the previous titles. Streaming introduces another layer all the other sims pretty much lack and how that data is processed can have a huge impact. For example, I haven’t so far seen any in depth analysis regarding how the storage performance affects to the overall performance. My gut feeling is that this title is very bandwidth sensitive, and I don’t mean the network here, but the system bus, memory and storage capability. I have the sim now sitting on my regular 2TB mid range SSD, but I will at some point try it on my nvme, which should theoretically provide several times better performance, just to see how it affects or doesn’t affect the performance.
  11. I'll test the new version next friday when I'm home. And yes, I had some problems with my surround with earlier releas. Big thanks for your work with this! :Applause:
  12. Great and big thanks, I'll test this tomorrow for sure! By the way, I was thinking that does this work normally with EZDOK?
  13. This sounds awesome! Yet so simple and clear as an idea and yet no one has produced anything like this before (not saying implementation is straightforward)! Unfortunately I'm abroad on business trip whole week and I can test this app just next saturday at earliest, but big thanks anyway!
  14. This. People need to understand that any self posed "censorship" practised by internet forum sites, newspapers, tv channels, political medias, blogs or whatever, doesn't interfere in any way with freedom of speech. They have complete right to decide what they want to publish. For example, Democratic party newspaper isn't in any obligation to publish news or letters to the editor favoring Republican party. This is obvious to everybody, and it applies to internet world fully. Still, every now and then you see people whining in internet forums about unjust banning or moderator editing and they are sometimes playing the freedom of speech -card (not that it has happened here). Situation changes and becomes dangerous only when government makes censorship rules, as Eamonn said. As a matter of fact, it is one aspect of the freedom of speech, that you or some internet site have a right to decide what kind of stuff they wan't publish and it doesn't matter if stuff is objective and equal or just biased bull****.
  15. Pretty ridicilous comparison. First, no one thinks that it is possible to prevent somebody killing someone in the first place. It wouldn't help if everything would be banned by the society from guns to kitchen knives, killing would always be possible at least with bare hands. It is human conciousness, almost built in understanding of ethics, feelings of empathy and just finally rules enforced by the society that prevents people killing each other. Second, to make youre comparison valid, proper censorship measures somewhere should help to prevent people from killing each other. Point is, I really can't see no connection between government enforced censorship rules and people making homicides.
  16. People running services which are promoting purely to piracy should be caught and held responsible and this requires international cooperation between law enforcement officials. Unfortunately not every country has good enough copyright legislation or law enforcement officials have no interest in enforcing them and it is a real problem. Still, that should be the way to go and I consider every step towards censorship measures a bad thing, not good. Ultimately, we may end up in a situation where these censorship measures, which started as a "good" act to prevent obvious criminal activity, are gradually used towards something totally different. I see danger in every step, where government hinders peoples access to information services, although original intent is pretty clear. Where this leads, we will see but I sure don't like this. Censorship is not the right way ever. Edit: I don't live in UK, but similar thing has happened in my country too.
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