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  1. mabe54

    Lion-Air 737Max Possible cause.

    This is a simulation of a runaway stabilizer on non MAX but still a B737. Also, this is knowing what's happening and why as compare with "what is it doing that" during a take off. The workload increase is significantly higher. The perspective of what truly happened to Lion-Air 737-Max and its possible causes, changes a lot after watching this. Cheers,
  2. mabe54

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Skyjacked (1972) Cheers,
  3. mabe54

    When did you realize?

    First came the bug then the simulators. Thousands upon thousands felt on the side except truly strange us. Cheers,
  4. mabe54

    Caution on CCLeaner

    In Win 10 go to Start => Apps => Startup and switch CClearner off. It won't star next time you reboot Win's. Cheers,
  5. mabe54

    Sad news - Cuba Plane Crash.... That final report I will want to read. That lateral movement is puzzling or not easily explainable. RIP and condolences above all. I think there is just one survival left. A young woman. Cheers,
  6. mabe54

    Why do airliners not have wheel motors?

    Dead weight kills this idea besides maintenance and repairs which will add to the cost of operations fast. A new idea will have to be provided and left behind by and at the airport to make it feasible. Cheers,
  7. Wow! Google Earth saved us. Maybe there is some good in it after all. 🙈 🙂 Cheers,
  8. mabe54

    PA-24 Fatal Crash caught on traffic camera

    Unfortunately, they won't be the last. Cheers,
  9. mabe54

    PA-24 Fatal Crash caught on traffic camera

    If anything, a too excessive youth concentration for a night flight. On the spur of the moment kind of thing. All flights are demanding and seriously deadly and none should be taken recreationally. Too bad and too needless. Cheers,
  10. mabe54

    Farewell FSW

    R.I.P. Cheers,
  11. The positive and relentless side of Humanity. Cheers,
  12. mabe54

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    The big elephant in the room will not allow it to go to that extreme. They got their fair chance and they blew it. FSW is dead now. Case closed. Let's move on. Let's wait for the next incarnation of MSFS, please. Cheers,
  13. mabe54

    Thirty years ago...

    God was in a good mood that day. Can't think of a better reason to believe. Lets' not forget Boeing Engineering also. What a day. Cheers,
  14. Airline: Settle it out of court asap. Do not make a second mistake now and drag it on. Cheers,
  15. They take that airport seriously over there. Long time since I was there and it was great way back then. Cheers,