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  1. ... B757 short sighted thinking on the making: https://www.airlineratings.com/news/emirates-tim-clark-slams-airlines-poor-use-a380/ I agree on this one with him. The art of right utilization. Cheers,
  2. Interesting, http://www.sullysullenberger.com/my-letter-to-the-editor-of-new-york-times-magazine/ Cheers,
  3. Do I detect a maneuvering pattern deployment here? Wasn't advertised the upgrading from early models to the B737 Max as a simple one hour Ipod refresher? https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/faa-urges-icao-to-address-erosion-of-manual-piloti-461057/ The 'old blame the user' maybe??? Naaaah! Can't be, right? Cheers,
  4. Always but progressively until Cruising Altitude when finally going MAX = x16, PC more valuable than Sim. Cheers,
  5. All three pilots failed in their own unique way. RIP. Cheers,
  6. When it rains it pours. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2019/06/03/boeing-737-max-planes-may-have-defective-parts-first-move-liebermann.cnn Cheers,
  7. Amazing the extent of the delusion. From the New York Times article: " At a tense meeting with the pilots’ union at American Airlines in November, Boeing executives dismissed concerns. “It’s been reported that it’s a single point failure, but it is not considered by design or certification a single point,” said Mike Sinnett, a Boeing vice president, according to a recording of the meeting. His reasoning? The pilots were the backup. “Because the function and the trained pilot work side by side and are part of the system,” he said. Four months later, a second 737 Max crashed in Ethiopia. Within days, the Max was grounded around the world. " So much for the backup. Unbelievably hubris. Cheers.
  8. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/how-much-was-pilot-error-a-factor-in-the-boeing-737-max-crashes/ I still think the MCAS should have been given its own CB for isolation instead of tide them all up under one (actually a pair of switches). n4gix: ... do you think that had they brought the throttles back to flight idle, then deployed the spoilers in an attempt to shed excess speed, that they might have unloaded the trim wheel enough to once again use manual trim? ... and with a nose pointing down and very little altitude left to play with already. A very hard catch 22. Cheers,
  9. I liked it, the more info comes out the better until we find the whole truth and nothing but... Cheers,
  10. ... struck by lightning, my foot... I think the plane took it as much as it could but there are limits to everything. Piloting, not so good. Cheers,
  11. "One should hope the two people in the cockpit are not such fatalists." "One should hope also an old and well established reputable Aircraft Manufacturer put forward a perfectly well designed model at the first and only one time too." BTW, flying by the seat of your pants is an old abandoned school that proved to be more dangerous that it was worth it. "Sully (ies)" don't grow on trees and there are not that abundant. Cheers,
  12. This wouldn't be fun to wake up in a first flight of the day. I hope the manufacturer separates the source of power between MCAS and the Elevator Trim Switches on the Yoke as to not lose both of them when the STAB TRIM CUTOUT SWITCHES are set to CUT OUT for the remainder of the flight as per the AD. There is no reason to lose both to disconnect a mal behaving MCAS and it would still leave Manual Trimming as last resort (3rd). Notice that the throttles were never pull back during holding the yoke all the way back at anytime in the video. Kudos to Pilot Mentour. Good post. Cheers,
  13. Talking about flying by "the seat of your pants" and "on a wing and prayer", Thanks. Cheers,
  14. One survived because a third member on the cockpit and during the landing phase. Two crashed during takeoff and first duties of the roasters early morning time. No ideal times. Cheers,
  15. I do not know what you got that from and I am sure Airbus wasn't selling that option that day and not even nowadays. So, I am done with this example. Cheers,
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