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  1. Thank You Slayer for giving us old FSX an SE users such wonderful planes for free. And for opening the earlier support archives. But lots of questions with installing issues in the archive ended with no solution. New questions not possible. In the B-55 support forum nurmitz posted Jan 30,2022 to doodlebugs post announcing the latest installer (210625). The behaviour of even the latest installers is not reliable. The Milviz Beech 55 should install to FSX S.E. as announced. The installer detects P3Dv4, which is not installed on my machine. I installed as well manually in the Steam FSX Folder. Same with the DHC 3Turbo. The DHC 2 Beaver installer detects FSX S.E. but loads the P3D WX dll. Hope that I get some help in a special post later.. Ulli
  2. Hi Charlie, thanks for this prompt answer. As said, i re-downloaded, deleted and re-installed the scenery, hoping to load the missing or defective texture file. The freeware scenery is quite some years old, the author`s email fails. Alas, I think I have to live with it. Anyone there with a copy of the scenery without the problem? Thanks
  3. I use several very nice freeware sceneries by George McKeough, a. o. LGKF Kefallinia Airport in Greece (as here in the avsim library). Couldn`t mail to the author. Hi George, you are here? The rotating beacon on the tower shows big, very ugly, black and intransparent beams instead of white/green (the 2nd smaller GA beacon nearby is o.k.). I re-downloaded and reinstalled the scenery x times and as well the same files from simviation. . I use FSX Steam on C:/, on a Samsung 960 EVO PCi express, WIN 10 64 bit, i5 7600 and a Nividia GTX 1050 Ti, DX 10 is unticked, anisotropic filtering. Have best frames all the way in very high settings! No other graphic anomalies with whatever objects or sceneries.. Had a similar anomalie with the very fine Pamplona Noain by www.simzalek.wixsit.com. Black beams outgoing from runway lights and other very strong lights. Reinstallation helped instantly. Has someone this scenery too? Can I deleteor render the object, how? I appreciate any help. Thanks
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