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  1. hello, mouse issues here. all of a sudden the mouse cursor can't make a button/knob selection, rmb when hold can rotate free and mouse wheel can't zoom in/out. anyone else has this issue/bug??? it makes the game unplayable. another one is that the airport runways and taxiways on my system are too bright, is there a solution available?
  2. Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my gpu from my old gtx970 strix by asus to an rtx 2070. The budget is limited up to 650 euros. (690-710 $) I made a small research and I found 2 candidates, first and second system info, i7 5820k @4.2ghz watercooled, ram 16gb, mobo gigabyte x99 ud4-p, 2 ssd (1 for the p3d v4.4) 1 hdd 2tb, psu corsair 750w. i'd like to have your opinions/suggestions about the upgrade. maybe later the gpu will be added to the watercooling loop. thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, before I update p3d to v4.3 with pta tool I reverted shaders to default. after that I updated p3d to v4.3 and all went smooth. i made the mistake (not to revert shaders to original p3d) from v4.1 to v4.2 and i reinstalled client again. after update i started p3d, then deleted shaders folders and restarted p3d. after all that i installed pta and applied the profile and everything worked nice. this is what i did to update p3d. Hope you understand my bad English, greetings from Greece
  4. Yes in almost (usually ifr and sometimes vfr, ifly ngx-747, orbx textures and vector and landclass) all of the above Elias, guess the upgrade has to wait for a bit longer...................................
  5. Greetings, in my pc currently i have a pair of gtx970 in sli mode. I am looking forward for an upgrade and thinking for a gtx1060 6gb ram because my budget can't afford a gtx 1080 or even a gtx 1070 (both 8gb ram). In terms of graphics performance will it better from my current sli configuration or should i leave it this way? i have p3d v4.1 installed on my pc. specs i7 5820k @4.4ghz mobo gigabyte x99 ud4p ram 16gb 2 x ssd 500gb (one for p3d) 1 hd 1tb 2 x gtx970 4gb sli psu 800w
  6. For those using p3d v3. Change date, start chaseplane and make sure it Works. Then reset date and time and after resetting start p3d. I forgot to change date and p3d asked me to activate. thank god it activated...
  7. I bought a product that requires Internet to operate, this is the service i said in the post above. If they can't provide this service i have the right to request refund if i want to.
  9. It happened again (found it on a small search on the net). Also your webpage is down due to certificate not valid according to both Web browsers i use (ie and chrome) link Not good for paying customers like us... An offline mode that was promised still on development???? link 2 NOT GOOD AT ALL :-(
  10. ......and finally sli is done, found a used video card same as the one i have and tested it. First it was a big failure due to stutter but i gave it a try with overclocking and this was the trick that fixed it all. My cpu (3,3ghz i7 5820k) was the issue and i raised it up to 4,0 ghz. I tried to raise a bit the sliders sucessfully and let's hope things go well when i start add "goodies"... My sli is 2 x asus gtx970 strix 4gb ddr5
  11. I was lucky and found someone with the same exactly video card and i can buy it cheap. In terms of overclocking i will go step by step up the frequency (can't afford to lose cpu!!!) thanks fo reply you were very helpfull p.s my cpu is CORE I7-5820K 3.30GHZ LGA2011-3
  12. An image during gameplay (can't edit previous message) http://prntscr.com/fl5hby
  13. Kalimera fron HELLAS (GREECE). I installed after reformating my pc the newest version of P3D and found out that my graphics card (asus gtx970 strix) struggles to perform. While in forest or less dense areas it performs well (fps 50-120~) in cities it has stutters and frame drop to 11!!!. The load on the processor during the run of P3D goes to 65-100%. If i install another graphics card same as the one i have in sli mode will the performance be steady? The settings on P3D are those in the images below http://prntscr.com/fl4puc http://prntscr.com/fl4q1l http://prntscr.com/fl4q50 Until now i installed ftx global, landclass and trees hd. Weather provided by active sky 16 and cloud art. specs: cpu i7 3.3ghz socket 2011-3 mobo gigabyte x99 ud4 ram 4x4 gb kingston hyperx 2666 mhz hdd 2x 500gb ssd samsung 840 evo GPU asus gtx 970 strix 4gb ddr5 psu corsair 850 watts
  14. Thank you all for the replies, I guess it is a one-way ticket to buy a 500gb ssd instead of an sshd. I thought sshd woulb be a step higher from the hdd.
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