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  1. Same here too. Using chrome and cleared history and cache but still not pmdg site shown. (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED)
  2. PMDG? Discount? :LMAO: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course it's worth every penny but we can't say that the price range is high, we will get banned, tortured and thrown in the dungeons...... Don't expect in miracles, I personally don't.
  3. Correct answer for the second part of my question lol but the First part of the question is still unanswered. I guess i'll have to wait for 747 v2.. for FSX-SE support...
  4. Hello The 747x and the expansion 747-8(i) will get a new installer for the FSX-SE or the provided installer is FSX-SE compatible? Kalimera...
  5. Good morning from GREECE. I bought some of your products some time ago, and i am planning to use fsx-se. The installers are capable to install the planes corectly on fsx-se or i must redownload the products again? The NEW installers are Free of charge or i must buy them again? Sorry for my bad english. Kalimera.
  6. The only way is "up" :mellow: :mellow: The more popular our simming gets the more prices of addons rise... The..... ...discount i found is -5$ from pmdg itself on the ngx series :( Funny :Silly:
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