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  1. I'm hoping someone from the Microsoft FS 2020 team will read this. Noticed something in the footage that's available for Heathrow Airport which I feel could be improved with a small change, but would pay tribute to one of the most iconic aircraft of all time - a 2D Concorde image at the approach to 27L. I know the likelyhood of Concorde being one of the included planes is slim, but given the history surrounding the aircraft, the uniqueness of her, and the fact that she is one of, if not the, most recognisable aircraft ever to have been produced, would it be possible to just have a 3D version of her sitting there instead. And potentially in the other open air sites where she is parked (Brooklands Museum, Orly Airport for example). Would rather just a little "model" instead of the flat 2D option, or if existing planes are being cleared up from airports so they don't appear as "paintings on the ground", can something be done with Concorde please Thanks
  2. I'll agree with what Jude has said. Let's remember, P3dV4 was only released 6 weeks ago yesterday, and in that time they have updated FOR FREE 3 (4 if you count the 773 expansion - let's face it, that has features of its own to encounter) models to utilise the new platform. OK, they may have had beta versions to play with in advance, but anyone who works with software applications knows that real releases always differ from beta's one way or another. And, did I mention, they did this without charging us any extra. FOR FREE!! Don't forget, there are some addons out there that we have had to pay extra for to use in P3DV4 - and there are some that we are still waiting updates for to use (I won't mention any - this isn't meant to turn into a muck throwing match). And, this is despite the numerous "When is 7x7 arriving?" topics that have been raised on here. You guys are awesome, your products rock, and you keep our wheels dry and our engines running. (And I still want Jude's 88GB GTX-1070 :) )
  3. I think this discussion is like the good old "VHS" and "Betamax" discussions back in the day. It's horses for courses. I'm certainly hankering after a 4k monitor (or TV if it's cheaper ) until such time as I've the resources / space for a few projection units. I guess the 4k move is akin to moving from VHS to DVD to BluRay... each generation gets better and more realistic. But you do need the hardware to support it.
  4. I did a quick test, not sure if it's following the procedures you did. 777 was uninstalled and re-installed yesterday Nav data up to date Cold and Dark start Battery on Connect ground power Ground power switches on All lights on (this was just me checking the outside view - it was dark when I tested) Wait for annoying noises VHHH in airport and dep airport ZSPD in arrival airport ADIRU on Go to LEGS page These are the only procedures I followed, I didn't get a CTD when I did it. The route wasn't loaded (either from externally or manually) as I haven't got one to hand. Happy to set one up in PFPX, or if you've got yours I can try with that.
  5. Just thought I'd send a quick note to all the developers, programmers and testers at PMDG to say what a wonderful plane the 777 is to fly. Despite loading my system with all the addons I can (ORBX Global, UT2 (100% traffic), AS for P3Dv4, Pro ATC X, Aivlasoft EFB, Chaseplane, PMDG 777, GSX and Fly Tampa Amsterdam) I am coming up to TOD for flight from EHAM to FAJS / FAOR (depending on addon!) having been flying for 10.5 hours with no OOM (yet!!) and scenery at a nice 45 - 55 fps. OK, When I took off at EHAM, that was 20 - 25 fps, but having watched froogle's P3D video last night, my settings match his and I'm flying in a perfectly viewable, enjoyable plane. My flight today was to push things, I'm normally a PMDG737 pilot as I prefer the short hops without the hours of watching the landscape of Africa float away beneth me, but the chaseplane cinematic outside views have show what a wonderfully detailed beast this really is, and something that I haven't experienced to this visual level. And, to really push things, there's been a bit of GTAV on the same machine without any issues :) Thanks to all of you who put in the hours of sweat, tears and frustration, without you guys we would all be sitting at the departure gate waiting for the planes to land. And, these have been FREE upgrades to what we had, unlike other addons whereby more expenditure is having to be made to appreciate the new platform. I know there are people who have been on about "when are you getting round to updating the 7xx as we are sitting here unable to fly - keep working as you are, we appreciate all the efforts you are doing and the community is all the more enriched by the experience you afford us. Allen Forsyth
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