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  1. Hey Robert, Problem is not solved with the july 12 installer. Thanks for your support!! Fred
  2. Hi Mike, I always insert a flightplan manualy. I generate a flightplan with simbrief.com and I build it in the FMC by hand. I know I could load is, but it's my own choice not to do that. I just tried to enter a complete flightplan from one of the previous flightplans I saved. It seemed to work at first. I could enter the legs page. But 5 tot 10 seconds later it crashes again. So it comes down to this: As long as my ADIRU is not online or aligning, I can enter flightplans through the route page, but I cannot in any way enter the legs page. Once my ADIRU is alligned I can do everything on any page. It is nog a very big issue but I would to get it back to the state it was before the update. Fred
  3. Hi Robert, I tried both your suggestions, but they unfortunately didn't work. Do you have any other suggestions that I could try? Fred
  4. Thanks Robert. I will try your options later today or tomorrow morning. I will let you know the results. Thank you for your quick respons. Fred
  5. Thanks MIke, I'm running FSX. Sorry I didn't mention that before. The only time I get this problem is when my ADIRU is not alligned. Once it is alligned I can do whatever I want, with flightplans or whatever I want do do or change. I doubt if it has something tot do with addons, because my config hasn't changed lately, and my 777 used to run like clockwork. Fred
  6. I tried with both long and short cockpit setups, but not with a cold and dark. Tried that just now, and I got another CTD. Must be something wrong with my configuration.
  7. Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled both my PMDG B747 QOTS II and my PMDG 777LR/F to the latest installer, as adviced. Everything went really smooth. Today I wanted to testfly the 777 so I prepared a short flight from VHHH to ZSPD. I did my preflight, inserted the appropriate runway and route. When I wanted to check te route on the legs page, a CTD occured. I restarted, went through the same steps with again the same result. I reinstalled my navdata and tried again. Same result; CTD. So every time I try to enter the legs page with an active flight I get a CTD. Just after startup with no flightdata in the FMC, I can enter the legs page without a problem. But when I tried to enter my flightplan with direct waypoints into the legs page it also crashed. In all these events my ADIRU/IRS was still alligning. I found out that once the ADIRU is online, I can enter waypoints, flightplans, an I can approach the legs page without a problem. This phenomenon never occured before yesterdays update. Is this something PMDG changed in this update and is this way of inserting flightplans as it should be, or is this some kind of bug. Love to hear from you guys. Greetings Fred Schellens
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