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  1. It is a genuine bug in P3DV4, I opened a support ticket and PMDG said that they will fix it in the next micro update. Eric Moser
  2. I downloaded the micro update last night, I fired up p3dv4 and I noticed that the beacon lights do not work. I only see the ground spalsh effect on the ground. Any one else experiencing this? Eric Moser
  3. After the micro update on the 747 p3dv4 my beacon light does not work (not flashing). I only see the ground splash effect, anybody else notice this after updating? Eric Moser
  4. The engine textures on the PMDG Cathay ERF are broken, looking forward to a fix.
  5. Thanks Alvin moved the throttles up slightly and the electrical generators powered up, solved my issue.
  6. Try out the 744F PW in PANC in cold weather, keep the engines off for a couple of minutes and see what results you get. edit: can a mod move this topic to the 747 forum, my bad!
  7. It's happening on the 400 and 400F PW models. Haven't really tested the ERF.
  8. This time I tested another model. The 744F GE in the same location same weather conditions same procedures,and it started up just fine, all the electric generators started up normally. Cant figure out why the 744ERF PW is giving me issues with electrical generators.
  9. Ok I will do more test I suspect it might be the cold weather, I just tried the same procedure with the same aircraft 744ERF PW But in Miami with warmer weather and the electrical generators turned on after engine start.
  10. What i did was the following load up the sim in PANC temp -13C(active sky next in the background) once the aircraft initialized I turned on the APU,shuting off engines 1,2 and 4 leaving 3 on until the APU turned on. Once the APU was on I selected APU GEN 1 then shut off engine 3. After that i began the start up procedure packs 2 and 3 off pull 3&4 ignition and flip the fuel selector on and do the same for engines 1&2. still no ELEC GEN in 1 2 3 4. Neil.V
  11. ^^^ Yep that is the case. Neil.V
  12. None I just start up the sim in PANC no panel state was loaded.
  13. Ok I restarted the sim and tried to stat up the queen but shes still giving me problems I took some screenshots. I waited a few minutes before turning off the APU but still no ELEC GEN Neil.v Ok here are some screenshots this time ELEC GEN 3 and 4 will not turn on. http:// http:// yep I did not hit DRIVE DISC
  14. After starting up my engines in PANC the electrical generators 1 2 3 4 will not turn on. If I turn off the APU the aircraft is left without power. any suggestions? could cold weather play a factor? Neil.V
  15. Ryan the engine textures on the Cathay are showing up messed up for me. Neil.V