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  1. sbague1

    REX Environment Force

    I feel that there really isn't anything wrong with skyforce personally, sure the hype was to much and we all were expecting something different. But for what it actually does it does it well.
  2. sbague1

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    I agree 1000%
  3. Thanks to FF A320 I am currently downloading X Plane 11. I never thought I'd be saying or typing this but the wait for the Aerosofts A319 has been brutal. After trying the demo I was surprised to see my 6600 K chucking along. Ready for a change and that night lighting, wooowww!!!!
  4. sbague1

    Drzewiecki Design Miami City X v1.9 Released

    Yup, black textures when panning around has been improved a lot. Performance seems much better also in P3D 4.2
  5. sbague1

    New to Prepar3Dv4 - Getting Stutters

    Try Vsync on and tic triple buffering.
  6. You shouldn't have any problems, I run it with an I5 6600 K and an AMD R9 390x and it runs pretty good. My sliders are not all the way over to the right but it's enough for me😉.
  7. sbague1

    FlightBeam KPHX v2.0 Released

    I noticed it last night through there addon manager, it said that there was an update available.
  8. sbague1

    GSX at start of P3dv4 scenarios problem

    Not sure if this will help but I had a similar problem at TJSJ and ran the automatic updater, problem solved.
  9. sbague1

    What happens in this Cloudy situation?

    They both work together but you have to disable lower level clouds in texture direct in order to use the ones in soft clouds. Go in to settings and simply remove the check mark in the lower level clouds section and your set.I'm no expert but I to bought them separately and that's how I do it.
  10. sbague1

    Looking for a tropical destination flight tonight

    I just did KJFK to TJSJ, felt good to leave to snow behind😀.But now it's back to reality and I'm off too work.
  11. sbague1

    I need a weather engine!!!!

    That's why I use both!!
  12. sbague1

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    People paid....
  13. I use Pro Atc X and I can confirm that descending 250 NM from airport doesn't happen. Not sure if it was like that in the past and has now been fixed but I've been using it for about a year now and have never experienced that. And for the record my opinion is that it's pretty awesome.
  14. That's your opinion off course, I love seeing skylines on approach. Don't care to much about building interiors but definitely the airport surrounding areas.
  15. sbague1

    Rex present Skyforce.

    You guys do realize that no one will be forced to purchase this, am I the only excited about this. After reading some or most of these post it seems that I just might be..