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  1. Mighty Dog

    GSX Level 2 version 2.7 available

    This sounds excellent! Thanks for looking into it
  2. Mighty Dog

    GSX Level 2 version 2.7 available

    I wish that the pushback truck would connect, thereafter ask for pushback direction and start pushback more or less immediately after selecting the direction and switching off the parking brake. This would improve the ground traffic flow much during busy online events. In real you are expected to start pushback within 30s after receiving pushback clearance, with GSX this is only possible when you select pushback direction before reporting ready for pushback. But then you are lost, if the controller asks for a different pushback direction.
  3. What it shows depends on the serial you type in at the re-download page. If it is a serial for the P3Dv4 A320/319, it will show the correct v266b download
  4. Mighty Dog

    Middle Mouse Button not working.

    Also here problems with the new mouse detection system (from v0.2.24), using two monitors, but P3D window only on one. Also Mouse Look (Hold), which I have assigned to space, does not work anymore as it should, as it locks in and even when space is released. No issues before the last update (last flight was on Friday).
  5. Mighty Dog

    Download links missing?

    Hi Is it possible, that the download links are missing on the homepage? On the SIMstarter homepage (http://aviation.pero-online.de/wordpress/?page_id=105) under Downloads, I do not see anything... Have tried it with Firefox and Chrome Thanks and regards, Nic