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  1. Gmail account fixed it. They didn't accept some e-mail providers (web.de in my case).
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to get the AVWX Account to receive the API token to get the weather in the PMS50 GTN750 but I do not get the activation mail from avwx... Anyone received the same problem and does probably know how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  3. I don’t know what to say.... cannot believe it. This is the fastest support I‘ve ever had! Thank you so much for your work! All the best Dennis
  4. Thanks! Just for confirmation. I think it was on version 1.7 where the mentioned callout after landing worked fine for me. Since 1.8 OR since I use „After landing procedure“ instead of „Okay to clean up“ for example I always got this. Your nice and fast support is highly appreciated! Thank you very much! Dennis
  5. Hi, thanks for your fast reply. 1. Hm but I just call „After landing procedure“ and do nothing more until FO asks me „Shall I leave the flaps down“, I reply „no“, FO replies „cool“ and nothing happens as mentioned above. After about 10-15 seconds FO asks again for the flaps and it works. Could you probably check that with saying „After landing procedure“ ? I think since I use this instead of „Okay to clean up“ this happens but I‘m not sure anymore. 2. Would be cool, yes. Because it doesn’t really makes sense to illuminate the gear bay while the gear is up. 😄 thanks! Dennis
  6. Hi guys, I really enjoy your product but I have two issues. The first is FO asks: "Shall I leave the flaps down" after landing, I reply "No", FO answers: "Cool/okay" or anything like that so it's confirmed that my voice got recognized but don't put the flaps up. After about 10-15 seconds FO asks again: "Shall I leave the flaps down", I reply "No", FO answers: "Cool/okay" and put the flaps to the "up" position. So Fo asks two times but does nothing at the first time and just replies. The second isn't really a issue but it does not makes sense that the FO turns on the taxi and runway turnoff lights after passing FL100 because in the most cases the gear is still up (probably useful for any mechanic still sitting in the gear bay :D). Normally taxi and turnoff lights got turned on in the final after the gear is down. Could you probably change this? 🙂 Thanks, Dennis
  7. Same for me. Just saw it randomly yesterday. But my solution above fixed the installation problem for me. Works fine so far.
  8. Fixed it. Just delete all files in your Simulator root folder which are named "ASCA" and thereafter you will be able to open ASP3D
  9. Okay guys I'm actually done. I uninstalled reinstalled my whole windows and P3D -> Problem still exists.
  10. Same here. 5.1 always crashes at 72% while the generated scenery loading process.
  11. But it actually seems like I'm again the only person on this world with this problem 😂
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