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  1. Use FTX Central to turn on "Vector Road Lights".
  2. ORBX street lights can be adjusted in size, color, and intensity via the FTX Global Lights Configurator. Frans
  3. You can try editing the airports with the Airport Design Editor - it will let you add runway and approach lights. Frans
  4. I had the same problems as the OP, with the same symptoms, although FSX never continued on after the halts; a brand new i7 computer (the one I'm using now with P3D) did not fix the problem. P3D Version 1 had the same issues (for me at least), probably because it came from FSX (ESP). I never found out what was causing the apparent halts. P3D Version 2.3 has only crashed once, because of an incompatibility with Active Sky Next, since fixed. I have flown very long flights (5-7 hours) with P3D and the ORBX Global scenery add-ons and ASN. P3D is more stable than any MS Flight Simulator (except for MS Flight) I have ever flown. Frans
  5. I use only ASN, and I love it. I have an old-ish computer with a 6GB 770, and I get about 30-35 fps when it is cloudy. Frans
  6. No, Terminal 2 is not there and there are no orphan jetways. The fsxcyyza airport compares well to the diagram in my copy of the Canada Flight Supplement (15 December 2011). You can download it from flyawaysimulation.com (free). Frans
  7. I also have FTX Global and Vector installed (but not My Traffic). I have a replacement CYYZ installed in the Addon Scenery folder (downloaded as fsxcyya.zip). I also have the ORBX ABP_CYYZ.bgl file; it probably came with the CYTZ (Toronto Island) airport. However, the Pearson buildings are intact. Frans
  8. My only suggestion is that you defrag the hard-drive where p3d is installed (unless, of course it is on an SSD). Reading the disk inefficiently could result in the CPU and GPU not to be fully active; the CPU may be waiting for disk I/O. Frans
  9. Already busy downloading - I hope I don't fall asleep... Frans
  10. Thanks, Arwen, that's what I needed to know. I hadn't noticed an FTX-compatible version on FS Pilot's web - maybe I will on the Flight Sim Store. Frans
  11. Arwen, I have been reluctant to purchase FS Pilot's FS Global 2010, since it is so large. I am worried that that dense data would seriously affect FPS. What is your experience? Frans
  12. I tried to update KMCD's taxiways with ADE 1.60, but when I tried to compile the result, the compiler reported errors and therefore could not update the file. Frans
  13. One possible reason for the patch failure, assuming you did everything correctly, is the presence of the ASN link. ASN is incompatible with 2.3. You have to either uninstall ASN or disable "as-srv" in the DLL.XML file and delete or rename the "as-srv" folder in the P3D folder. This happened to me also. Frans
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