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  1. No prob- glad all ok,qw787 cold and dark does not set parking brake.
  2. parking brake on - will not connect external power with brake off. just a thought. all the best Denis B
  3. bursco

    Miltary AI for P3Dv4

    I have Vpilot,orbx,bvai,traffic 360, etc, (I'm greedy)so answer for me must be yes - it's free and easy to install and uninstall. They made the perfect installer in my opinion. Next thing is to give them a donation .Denis B
  4. bursco

    Miltary AI for P3Dv4

    Just installed then installed Australia region, went to YPED and an aircraft was on taxi from the 292 sqdn which was correct according to google. Very good installer and all software for fly sim should be like this, no drop in frame rates. will only use it for GA but very nice. Denis B
  5. bursco

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    Thanks Gumerson. Denis B
  6. bursco

    Norway, or bits of it.

    Is that mr R. Brook from down south? Denis B
  7. Is it the same if on network? great prog coming up to a year next month - don't think I can afford the extra money for the next year. all the best Denis B
  8. bursco

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    How did you edit the xml file please? R Slater wrote the program - found his name in the xml and wondered if that stopped it from loading on my compt. Next stop JustFlight support. Denis B
  9. Makes three now
  10. Thankyou mtn1289 - me using wrong exe too. Thanks kiek - rushing to much should have read the manual. thanks for great product
  11. Me too?? have latest downloads too.??
  12. Anyone know how to export a route I like it - nice and simple for me. EDIT - found it - in actions. all the best
  13. Just a quick word - thanks for an amazing package of ship traffic - makes sim look great - thanks again. Denis B