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  1. I want to know in simple terms " WHERE IS THE EXE FILE -plz someone" in msfs2020
  2. Have you set up a static IP address for each computer. Computer will change them on fresh restarts if not. Can you pass files from one computer to another?
  3. You can put them all in a folder with password protection, I use 7zip. That's if it's a read write dvd. I have various folders on my pc with different passwords. there will probably a few more different ways and someone will come along with possibly a better way.
  4. Something in back of my mind says you have to reset something for multy monitors with win10 update. saying that try Mr Google- that update removes a lot of files I have read. Made a mess of my network settings. good luck - not very helpful, someone wil come along with better answers than mine. denis b
  5. bursco

    Your age?

    79 - just about still going
  6. I use it once a week for a full image - have 2 ssd drives 250gb, my image is usually around 400 gab. You can do a differential if you want. Me thinks it's very good for me. Denis B
  7. Happy Christmas Ray and family and all at Avsim. ta for all your help
  8. Add/remove does not uninstall any pmdg plane any more - I think there is something wrong with my win10 - cannot update win10 now. Any other exe file works but not a pmdg exe file - very strange. The thing is all the pmdg (737,777,747) planes work in p3d 4 - but cannot update or uninstall if necessary. This appears to be - in my humble opinion - since an update in win10, so I may have to bite the bullet and reinstall win10 and everything else. do I go back to win7 - decisions,decisions . why do Microsoft mess us up. thanks for reply Kyle all the best Denis Brown
  9. +1 Been trying to uninstall or install a pmdg plane or update for a couple of weeks but nothing works. denis b
  10. Decided to update my 747-400 with the recent update and cannot uninstall from windows or install update like as been stated. Using win10 64bit build16299.rs3_release_svc.180808-1748. Can run any downloaded file or any exe file on my comp except the 747 update installer. So people will say its your computer - but what is wrong with it. IF anyone knows would be obliged because MR. GOOGLE doesnt -been searching a week so thought I would try the experts. tried installer on another machine which give me a natural error of no fltsim but worked correctelly All the best - denis brown
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