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  1. Just a quick word - thanks for an amazing package of ship traffic - makes sim look great - thanks again. Denis B
  2. Push my nose in - have you considered using teamviewer with some knowlegable computer person - even to give yourself a break. I have used teamviewer and talk on teamspeak .( not volunteering- not clever enough ) Good luck all the best Denis B
  3. also try winaero tweaker (google) its free and has a load of tweaks for win10.
  4. I would try the windows rollback - you have 10 days from creator install to do it and then delay win10 updates for a while until (if or when) microsoft have a full patch update so that we don't have probs with some sim apps. I missed the roll back so stuck at the minute thinking what to do. Denis B
  5. @Noel try winaero tweaker - just google it and there are quite a few options in that tweaker, it helped me. All the best Denis B
  6. Shutup 10 works for me.
  7. Me too - win7 gets better - win10 gets worse especially for us simmers with its updates lately. denis B
  8. Yes that's the cure with win10 - reinstall - spend more time tweaking than flying, all my payware would not run - CTD'S. why is it that it only seems to be us flight simmers that get caught out with win 10 updates. spent half a day going back to earlier image backup (10 days) and then using google to stop the win10 updates being installed again. Microsoft must think we are all computer gurus to stop the updates or just let win10 ruin every thing. hope something is done about it Denis B
  9. I have WIN10 and p3d 3.4 with p3d 4.1 installed as well and I had same prob, I then tried various things and this is what I have to do. At screen choose a airport in antartica - any default and I just let it spawn at runway - and load with a default vehicle, cub,maule etc. I have been try ing to load concordex and PMDG and nothing but ctd's - so I load concordex their and no ctd, then go to the airport of my choice with whatever vehicle I choose and bingo it works. I did uninstall 88 when it first came out but somewhere along the line its now back and will not uninstall - good old Microsoft they have done it again. I hope this is not just ok on my machine. All the best Denis B
  10. Same thing on p3d v4.1 - my frames are dropping below 10 with pmdg 737 and at Heathrow. before I installed the bus it was around 17 with my old machine. Which ran ok for me but stutters are appearing now for some unknown reason . I can go back before I installed the bus with one of my backups from macrium. might just try that. denis b
  11. 2 links he is lucky beep beep