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  1. kowen

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    None of Carenado's aircraft break.
  2. kowen

    Anyone aware of new VFR atc clients?

    Pilot to ATC works well with for VFR. I generally use it over VOX when doing VFR. Here are some of the scripts for a feel of the capability.
  3. kowen

    Simstarter NG for P3D v4?

    Use it and like it as well.
  4. kowen

    Ultra Long Flights

    I got to agree that pause on TOD is a great idea, any chance you can add that to the TODO list?
  5. kowen

    AI & ATC

    Piltot2ATC, forums are here too.
  6. kowen

    EZDOK & GTN750 Compatibility

    Google ezdok p3dV4.3 update First page
  7. kowen

    Pro ATC X Pros and Cons

    To add to that, if you are a bit more specific with what you are looking for, I think you would get better feedback. Do you want to control it via voice, does it need to control AI, do you hate robot voices, ETC.
  8. I think he is saying you should connect to the other machine via IP address such as "192.168.X.X" instead of using a name such as "GamePC".
  9. kowen

    Screenshot management tool for P3D?

    Might not be what you are looking for, I am not familiar with Snapper, but Lorby Where are my Aircraft has a screenshot function that will geo-register the image and allow you to do a Save As and export as HTML page with the image and location. It will also save your flight as KML, I do not think it links the images in the KML. It is payware though. There is a forum here, so maybe post there and ask.
  10. kowen

    P3Dv4.3 ?

    No news is good news, 310R Redux and Otter work well for me.
  11. kowen

    Simbuddy.com--Anyone Use?

    Yep, I use them frequently as well and pay the monthly. I use both SimBuddy and ProjectFly regularly, often at the same time as to keep my flight data “in the cloud”. It seems SimBuddy has targeted aviation in general and ProjectFly for the heavies. I think the VA portion needs some more work along with the electronic elevator music when boarding. But yes...I agree the dev is churning away at something good. I also really like SimBuddy gateway app, starts up with the computer, logs in automatically and will detect the sim. Set it up and forgot it. Although really wish these devs would communicate and work together more. Seems like there are lots of similar “products” coming out lately.
  12. kowen

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    I used them on certain flights. If you are looking for it to get you some extra frames all the time, not the way to go. I prefer flying over tuning my sim all the time and thought this would be a good lazy way to optimize my system. It’s not, tune your system correctly instead. I keep my settings high and if I come into complicated scenery, will use them to give me some extra frames. Generally, I can get 5-10 extra FPS, enough for my sim to smooth out for the landing. I think there are two on the market. The one I use just has one slider bar. I only turn it on if I am flying to or from complicated payware scenery.
  13. kowen

    Saitek Flight Switch Panel

    Spad next is the way to go, I think there might be a small charge for it, but I believe your issue is that a more complicated airplane is not mapped out properly to the switch. If you post the airplane you are trying to use it with, that may help. SPAD Next allows for you to download other people's profile that has been previously mapped, so as long as there is a profile, it really is as easy as download and hit the switch. https://www.spadnext.com/home.html
  14. I think he is almost there with FSPassenger. http://www.fspassengers.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=18097&pid=165708#pid165708
  15. kowen

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    Skyforce is sky and clouds texture, lightning, moon, sun, and maybe more. @GSalden nailed it on the head with his comment, it's personal preference. I use AS- Skyforce. I have REX Texture Direct but only use that to change out runway textures. I do not use the sky or clouds on that product anymore. All these products do is replace the textures in the simulator. The last product to "push" to the simulator wins.