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  1. kowen

    Certificate error

    Concur as well
  2. kowen

    Network PC for As4

    To offload or not to offload, that is the question. I saw a similar threat about a month ago with no one really confirming results or not so I decided to try it myself. I run a I7 4790K 1080ti under VR so I am looking for an extra framerates. It took about an hour to setup and get working with the secondary machine being an average I5 laptop. I have a basic networking background, but the instructions are easy to follow regardless. Once you get SimConnect on the remote machine, you can start to move other applications over as well. I run ASP4, PsxseeconTraffic, RealTraffic on the laptop and on the primary machine, just P3D. Sometimes I have SimBuddy or the FSEconomy clients running as well depending on what I am doing. I do run Pilot2ATC on the primary machine. I feel like I may gain some frames getting Pilot2ATC off of my primary machine, but it’s nothing more than a hunch. There is an issue with mic and sound with the transfer to the other laptop, I am not wanting to deal with yet. I really cannot see any frame rate increase and the sim feels just the same as it did a month ago before the offload. However, what I do now have is another machine that is setup that I can put down the VR headset on occasion and browse YouTube and Internet without taxing my P3D machine any more. In summary, I feel like it’s a cleaner way to run my Sim. I am one of those people that feel the less than is running on my game box, the better the experience and stability so I am going to keep that setup going. But if you are looking for significant frames increase, don’t think it’s there. Try it out, takes about an hour to setup, you might get results. Some folks have reported frame rate increases in other threads. Tip if you do offload, make sure your computers are set to have a static IP address. Totally forgot about DHCP and had to run down a problem with SimConnect because the IP address changed on my primary PC.
  3. Absolutely agree with this. I went VR a bit over a month now and went directly into Flyinside. I notice that the headshake/bounce was not there anymore on taxi and in the clouds. I am an EZDOK guy and loved the effect without the headsets. I did not think much else on it and accepted it as maybe it was not a good idea for sickness as well. About a week ago, had to do a reinstall on my sim and Flyinside got all jacked up. Spend a couple hours trying to fix it, but decided just try native again and loved it. EZDOK was doing the light bounce effect on the runway and some turbulence in and out of clouds (I mainly do GA aircraft) and I think the immersion factor is far better. No sickness either here.
  4. kowen

    Droning on...

    It's pretty hard to do, they use Wi-Fi and public frequencies to fly them so it's like looking for someone you don't know what they look like in a very crowded subway system. Hard problem. Counter UAS systems are a billion dollar business right now for this very reason. It's a challenging problem because you cannot really jam the command and control links nor GPS for obvious reasons, and acoustic detection sensors are not where they need to be yet.
  5. kowen

    virtual reality

    It will change the way you sim.
  6. Reboot the machine and install it as administrator (right click on the file and there should be an option).
  7. kowen

    VoxATC question before buy

    Yes, but it does not have its own traffic package, you can use the default right out of the sim. Some use MyTraffic, and others Just Flight's newer package, Traffic Global. I have used both, currently using Traffic Global. It does not work with Ultimate Traffic Live as the way it injects traffic is different. Not sure about the performance front, I use other ATC programs with UT Live and if both sliders are up, they can take down a once proud machine. I run them both around 30-50 percent traffic. Yes, you can use it networked. I have in the past, but cannot positively confirm I got any significant boost, so take that statement with a grain of salt.
  8. kowen

    .gfp file extension

    Little NavMap will export a gfp. It is free as well. Support forums are here at Avsim too. https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html
  9. Someone needs to show they guy eariler on looking for the gray beards where they are...cheers folks, they come out at night.
  10. So here is a different perspective on them. I own both and I have the 430/530 in my smaller GA airplanes that I fly for an hour or two with 1 maybe 2 nav aids. I love that you need to twist and turn dials and I have them mapped on my Saitek panels, so it feels realistic. For the longer flights with more complicated airways, I use the GTN 750 as you can “program” it much faster. I don’t import flight plans, even though for both units you can. I like a bit of old school sometimes with the 430/530 units, but when you have to deal with complicated flight plans…no. Depends on how you fly and what you are looking for. But you cannot go wrong with neither. Hope that helps you.
  11. I second all of this. I got TG because of VoxATC and agree the models are nice. But I use UTL more often. There is more traffic, the interface is nicer, there is support, and it is easy to use. The really nice thing about UTL is there are hotkeys to increase and decrease traffic levels so you can adjust if your frame rates are suffering. I think TG might be traffic program to beat in the future, but don't think it is there yet.
  12. He seems to over promise and under deliver. His products are very similar to other projects that are out there (ProjectFly / SimBuddy and POSCOM / VATSIM). Some folks are not fans of that. He also purchased PTA which was donate-ware once upon a time and then sold it. Read that statement, really wish him well.
  13. kowen

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    None of Carenado's aircraft break.
  14. kowen

    Anyone aware of new VFR atc clients?

    Pilot to ATC works well with for VFR. I generally use it over VOX when doing VFR. Here are some of the scripts for a feel of the capability.