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  1. centibillionaire - Have not heard that one before.
  2. I would not mind 1-2 bucks a month, 12-20 for the year for that as long as they improve it. The road map looks weak. I suspect the 4k screen shots are costing them some disk space so they are pushing some of their cloud provider cost to the consumer. I don't mind subscriptions, but this is too much,
  3. Yes, SPAD NEXT will make all that easier and there are some examples and online profiles you can download. You will have a to pay for it, but it is worth it in the long run.
  4. Think he is just pulling the browser window over the screen he is recording. Was there a specific video you are referencing?
  5. You need to call support. They have cable issues. There is about a month back log on cables. I just went through it.
  6. Concur with everyone's recommendation as well. Well made, I have used mine for a few years now with SPAD. I fly with VR headset and can feel the knobs without taking the headset off.
  7. A few and it depends on a few things so profiles would be nice. Pilot2ATC, FSEconomy, Rex Weather to name a few.
  8. I used to use SimStarter for P3D to run all my external apps. Any recommendations on something similar with MSFS? Wanting to automatically fire off MSFS and many external applications with a single click. Really dont want to do batch files.
  9. Try the lower resolution texture install?
  10. I started my flight training out of KPIE but had to put it on halt due to a marriage, kiddos and divorce #1. Finished PPL a few year back out of VDF and loving flying around the area. Getting ready to make the same mistake you did, purchase a plane and regretting the expense. But simming got me hooked. Welcome
  11. I have both, but use RXP exclusively now. They are on it when it comes down to the updates.
  12. The DA62 will work in V5 should you change your mind. I fly it all the time. It takes some wrestling but you can do it. There is a post somewhere here at AVSIM if you start to migrate over.
  13. Rumor has it MSFS supports Simconnect. FSEconomy is rumored to work already with the Simconnect client. FS Captain may work as well. I'm not on the Alpha team and cannot confirm it, but it was what I am seeing. . I am not sure about Air Hauler.
  14. Thought OP asked about V5? I could not get the DA62 to work and understood MILVIZ to release after HF2...
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