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  1. Leap motion is what you are thinking of. I used it for a bit on P3D and it work well. You put the sensor on your headset and it will detect your hand positions. I used the real yoke and controllers and did not use the "virtual primary controller". It worked okay with flipping switches and turning knobs. You need to use P3D with Fly Inside to get the Leap Motion functionality. It takes a bit to get used too, but honestly, I am back to native P3D VR and the mouse.
  2. Don't know if you are going to beat Foreflight, but I'm a no Apple guy and I use Garmin Pilot on an Android tablet…there is an Apple version too.
  3. You experience it in VR already.
  4. Just Flight has a 172N float plane that pretty good too.
  5. I would have maneuvered for straight in runway 01 and called it 10 miles out 5 miles and when on final. You could have also entered in on the left base as well. 45 on final is a bit odd but you could announce it. Typically you would announce a 45 entry on the downwind leg so some might confuse you coming in downwind on 01. Student Pilot: So factor that in to my response
  6. Someone from Twitch or a YouTube channel saying something controversial...why would they do that?🤥
  7. Towards the end, some post from MILVIZ, still working on it..soon.
  8. Microsoft Zira & Microsoft David are on it!
  9. 310R over at MILVIZ is a good one.
  10. I don't think it has anything to do with eons ahead of the other. Both Google and Bing purchase their maps from 3rd party sources and has open access to about the same data. Google does have the little car camera fleet that MS does not use. Google wants to navigate you to Joe's Pizza parlor so they know you like Joe's Pizza. They want to target you for ads and give you a great product to use so they can collect data on you and sell you things. Bing is building a near 3D representation of the world. Baring Flight Sim, do you know how much governments, commercial industries and gaming studios would pay for that? Totally different products and markets, and I suspect Microsoft has the high resolution data in the areas, they might not have released it yet because they are not competing with Google directly.
  11. 1.) Request Enroute Decent works for me when that happens
  12. They could run Google ads right there on your horizon and listen in on your ATC calls to know what type of coffee and whiskey you like while you fly. The sim could be free as long as you they could track your browsing habits...
  13. Everything is compiled and built in the cloud already (Azure). Currently, when you fly around, the engine has to "build" the world around you, calculate mesh elevation for terrain, layer the proper tiles, display 3D models in space and move them. The computer has to work less and can be tasked to do more. You are trading network bandwidth for CPU cycles to some extent. Also as others have mentioned, more powerful hardware.
  14. We will assume you don't have a 5G phone either?
  15. Personally, I think that’s the goal. I think MS is focused on selling services and content vice the actual game. Flight Simulator 2020 is only a portal, prototype, advertisement, proof of concept , opportunity to showcase Azure and the data. I expect MS to sell / lease the data to other game studios with the goal to bring different genre of games into a single platform. Eventually, expect to fly over you friend that’s racing in Daytona that has hot dogs delivered by Truck-em US simulator that just left Fort Bragg and some first person shooters getting ready to deploy to some rainbow shooter special ops conflict. MS wants to provide the data and content and the world that everyone plays in.
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