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  1. snaparaz

    Windows 10: the perfect anti-aircraft weapon

    Microsoft told me because I'm in Japan and bought pre-installed my serial won't work - which seems plain wrong as their update broke it. I have to contact the original vendor and ask for copy of the install disk again. How about that for customer service! The guy said there have been numerous issues with upgrades. I also know somebody whose laptop was killed by the upgrade. Something ain't right!
  2. I'm grounded. The PC's on blocks. I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10. Almost immediately getting rapid fan whir and shutdowns. Tried everything. Microsoft tweaked it, finally suggested a reset. Did it and lost everything in the process. Spent hours backtracking to get the system functioning again - finally roll out the Carenado on Prepar3d v3 with the Saitek controls and panels....and suddenly - whiiiiiiir - out it goes. Now Microsoft tell me I need to reinstall - but my OS was pre-installed when purchased, which means contacting the original dealer to get the disk. Also not even sure it's going to fix it as suspicious of the USB situation or the Saiteks. I'm at a loss what to do next and mightily pisxxxx of with Microsoft. Everything was fine before that darned upgrade :-( Be warned.
  3. I am a triple screen screen user looking to fix slow texture loads on FSX mountains and detailed scenery when using ORBX. I am using a single GTX 770 (2GB), so would like to know whether purchasing a new GPU like a 970 (4GB) would fix or greatly improve the.issue on my triple screen set-up. I have already tweaked the CFG with increased LOD and some other suggestions from users, but think I have probably pushed about as far as I can go with the 770. I am also using an i7 4770K CPU but cannot overlock on my Intel H87 board, so would the GPU upgrade be a worthwhile investment or should I save the money for a new PC? I'd be grateful for any advice!
  4. snaparaz

    Minimize Windows knocks out Saitek Panels

    That's very useful - thanks! If possible, when you get time, could you send me the shortcut info for the Saitek restart. I'd like to give it a try.
  5. As of today, when I minimize the FSX window or leave the cockpit for an alternative view, upon returning to the cockpit the Saitek panels (Yoke, etc) are completely killed. Have to reboot to get them back. Any idea what to do?