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  1. So would I not have the same results if I just did the client vs re-installing/updating everything? Trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Sucks cuz I just installed 5.1 in its entirety and then the next week 5.1 HF 1 came out.
  2. Awaiting Flight1's update for the GTN series patiently 🙂 Definitely saw a performance increase for sure with this update.
  3. I did not, no! That's awesome. Just dug through the forum a bit and found the how-to video. Got her all set. Thank you!
  4. Oh shoot! I own the RXP GTN so may use that for now until the Flight1 comes out. I tend to go with the Flight1 for the VC panel ability with the Carenado line up. I generally fly the single engine pistons IFR (Mooney mainly) for currency. Thanks for the response!
  5. Hey folks, Just getting back into simming with the winter approaching and wanted to see what the latest and greatest suggestions are for live weather engines (REX/Activesky/etc). I'm perfectly ok with just the stock weather engine utilizing an outside software for the real world weather and may prefer that to keep the budget down, so whatever would fit that ticket would be great. I currently own from my past simming Active Sky Next and REX back from 2016, so I'm not sure how much updates I can get away with for free without paying. If these would be perfectly acceptable to use still, let me know too. Edit: I'm now realizing there weren't even many live WX solutions for V5 let alone 5.1 out yet, so understood if there isn't really anything to do other than wait at this point. I appreciate the help!
  6. Hey folks, I sincerely apologize if I'm hitting a nerve asking this (I'm not sure if it's an over asked question or not with every P3D update), but I just reinstalled all of my P3D stuff and went ahead and went into 5.1 right off the bat (been out of simming since last February or so). I realized quickly thereafter I should have realized this update happened very recently and as such, most third party devs haven't completed updates for the new version of 5.1. I'm a furloughed pilot due to COVID and used the GTN series from Flight1 to stay instrument current/proficient in Vatsim. Upon my initial launching in 5.1 in the Carenado Ovation today with the GTN, I got the message that my Flight1 software isn't compatible with the new version of PREPAR3D quite yet. What is everyone's experience with devs such as Flight1 and other's lag times from a new release from Lockheed to a release on the 3rd party's end for an update to the new version? I'm excited to get back into some GTN flying in the new version. Thanks!
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