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  1. THANK YOU !!! That worked. I do have an asus mainboard. Best regards
  2. Hello everybody Without having anything changed at all on my system (that i know of), i can't hear any voice on vpilot (with P3Dv5) anymore. The "RX" button in the top remains dark as well even though there are transmissions on the frequency. The other users can hear me fine and the "TX" button illuminates as well. I tried updating windows as well as all kinds of drivers on my system but nothing helped. Has anyone an idea of what could be going on? Best regards and thanks for your help in advance Best regards Felix
  3. Hey Thank's very much. After a few flights, i have come to that same conclusion Regards
  4. Hi Gerard. Thank's very much for your answer. I appreciate it. Me personally, i would buy such an addon (as i bought REX for v4) mainly for Clouds, athmosphere etc. so i have decided not to buy it. And for "just try it" it's a bit too expensive. Best regards Felix
  5. Hello fellow simmers I just made the switch from P3D v4 to v5. So far everything went great and i am amazed by the improvements. I had a lot of Addons installed on v4, especially some Texture, shader and atmospheric enhancements. With PBR on all the planes i use, tomatoshade is no longer needed (so i don't need a replacement). Reshade ist already installed and looking great. I also was a user of REX Sky- and Environment Force. As these products are no longer compatible, this leaves me with two questions that i hope to find some answers or opinions for: - I saw that Envtex ist compatible for v5. Is Envtex a compareable application to the REX products? (If not, what's the difference?). What's your opinion and what are your experiences ? Is Envtex for P3Dv5 worth it ? - in a lot of great looking P3Dv5 setups on youtube, i saw that Envtex is not used ("only" Active Sky and Reshade). That raises the question: is Envtex even needed to make P3Dv5 look better ? Thank's in advance for your answers. I wish you all a great week. Felix
  6. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/172423-terrain-elevation-discrepancies-landing-glitches-orbx-addon-conflictions-ksfo/ Hey everybody. This might help. I changed my mesh setting to 5m and it fixed it for 22L in JFK Regards Felix
  7. So nothing is broken, i do get that. Excuse my wording. I was just using those words because the missing DL is actually a state that is not enjoyable and the addition of the DL by ini makes the situation better looking. Thank you for your clarification Best regards
  8. That seems legit. Thanks for your help. I just tested a few airports and it seems like only a few of them have the problem. And if there's a fix by inibuilds, it fixes it. Cheers
  9. The Problem is just, that i know it worked better before. Also in EHAM i know that it has been working (without fix from inibuilds). That's whats strange. Any idea what the reason for that is or what could have caused this ? If there is a reason ? Thanks again for your help
  10. Hello everybody I recently noticed something bad in my sim. On some Airports (for example Orbx LDDU, FlyTampa EHAM), all Simobjects (My planes but also for example GSX vehicles) appear to be completely dark when i set the time to night (See the Pictures). The textures are there but they just don't receive any lightning from the floodlight on the airport. Also, No light comes to the inside of the cockpit. It only doesn't work on some airports (For example no problems in Aerosoft LSZH). Has anyone an idea what the problem could be and how i could solve it ? It happens to PBR-Planes as well as non-PBR-Planes. The problem also occurs with Tomatoshade enabled and disabled. I have dynamic lightning and HDR lightnind set to On in the settings. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mrxer0rgbs0ml3k/AABkGtgF8MCJPWWk8pruhumRa?dl=0 Best regards Felix
  11. Could you say that EF does all the things that tools like Tomatoshade, PTA, Envtex, Envshade, Reshade, URP etc. do but combined in one application ? Thanks for your help guys
  12. Hi Thanks for your answer! So what do i exactly get from REX EF ? What's the difference to REX SF ? Best regards
  13. Hello everybody I am running at the momend P3Dv4 with ActiveSky, REX Skyforce and Tomatoshade. Everything is looking good but recently i have read about so many other so called "shader tools" etc. For example Tomatoshade (which i use), PTA, Envtex, Reshade, URP and so on (are there even more?).. No my questions are: - What does each of those tools exactly do and what does it to enhance my experience? (I thought i know what Tomatoshade does, which is Shaders for Planes without PBR but i recently noticed that it enhances also the clouds and the sky in general when i turned it off) - Which of those tools are similar to one another ? - Which tools are useful to use together ? It's a bit confusing sometimes and i would appreciate some answers to my questions. Thanks in advance!! Best regards Felix Angstmann
  14. Hi, Thank you, that helped. I found it. Cheers Felix
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