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  1. Hi, I have an issue in the FSLabs A320, where none of the switches are operable, and the aircraft doesn't respond to any actions (be it thrust, flaps, gear, etc.) I have tried reinstalling, deleting generated files, etc. Any help would be massively appreciated Hubert
  2. You tried reinstalling, or do you not have an active failure setup?
  3. That's the issue. I don't. Unless you count Open LC EU as mesh, but it would seem a lil' strange for that to conflict? Anyway thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi, I moved over to Prepar3D v4 recently, and when I load into the sim at Amsterdam (FlyTampa Scenery), my aircraft is spawning half way inside the ground... This is also the same for Orbx Bilbao. Screens: Initially I thought the issue was Orbx Vector, however after running the AEC configurator, the problem still persisted. I also removed vector in it's entirety, and the issue was still there. I've tried reinstalling multiple time, with no success. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be grateful :)
  5. You can? I know that you can dim the individual displays, but do you know how to dim the a/c it self? Hubert
  6. Hi, Hi, i recently reinstalled P3D (version 3), and when i load into the sim, with the aerosoft a320 for example (it happens with all aircraft), the nd and pfd displays are way too bright: If anyone knows how to fix this then I'd be grateful P.S: My HDR & PTA settings are exactly the same as before i reinstalled P3D. I use Aerosoft A320, ORBX, PTA, Aerosoft
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