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  1. That's a disappointment. Off to the official forums to make a feature request to be ignored.
  2. Any idea where they hid the oil rigs seen in one of the preview videos or are they mission only?
  3. Never flown the actual aircraft but we routinely taxi with a thrust reverser deployed on other similar aircraft. I've not tried this in the simulator, actually... no idea how well it works.
  4. It's not at all uncommon to see VORs with the same identifier; what is uncommon is to see them so close. Usually they are in different hemispheres.
  5. Another airport with a water runway is KDWH. Has one in real life, at least, don't recall how this sim handles it.
  6. Either take off from LLMZ and you'll crash about 500 AGL during climb out or try an approach to the same airport. Set a minimal rate of descent, fully configured, through sea level and about three or four hundred feet below sea level (I forget exactly) you'll "land" on thin air... you can come to a stop and everything. Submitted a bug report about it a couple of weeks ago. Haven't tried it in an aircraft with a radio altimeter so I don't know if whatever is bugged shows up on one's RA.
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