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  1. I saw a video the other day of the first Cargolux 748 Landing in Vienna, and the PIC said that sadly Boeing does not offer any outside cameras. Not sure if its true, but the guy with the white shirt and the cargolux badge said so. Good thing Chaseplane is a thing 😉 My 748's have taxicams
  2. Hi, sorry haven't seen your post. And no, i have not made them for the -700. I could have a look into it, but it'll have to wait a bit. You know busy with the 747-8 😉
  3. well then, don't hog the keys, i need one 😉
  4. same here - got a transaction receipt by mail (twice), its in the order history, but nothing downloadable in there yet. I guess i'll just get some sleep and see how it looks tomorrow morning.
  5. Does not look particularly complicated at first glance. That is after a 2 sec look at the livery. I could try a go at it somewhere within the next 2 weeks.
  6. Haha, not necessary to fly it in my honor 🙂 Would rather have you test it out and see if there is anything wrong with it. But thanks
  7. Hi everyone. It has been way too long, but i got the Flightsim Itch again and got into P3Dv4 rather than going back to FSX. And with that comes the urge to paint as well 🙂 Now the Austrian Airlines Liveries in the Livery Manager are a bit outdated and i wanted to give it a fresh look, even though Austrian Airlines does not fly a 737. 1. myAustrian. After the Red/Blue Livery, Austrian changed its Livery to "myAustrian" in all red/grey. And i uploaded it, so you can test it out and maybe fly it around a bit. You can download it here: 737-800 WL myAustrian Download 2. new Austrian 2018 Livery. Apparently the "myAustrian" did not work so well and OS launched a new livery starting to be rolled out soon. So far i could only find one 777 with a 60year Anniversary Livery, but since it will come to every plane (unless they decied mid paint, to get another one) here is my take on it. As before, here is a downloadlink: 737-800 WL Austrian 2018 Now this is the first time in quite a while (see post history - it has been ages) that i painted again and it has been a blast, but maybe there is something that i missed and so any feedback is highly appreciated. I have a few more paint ideas, but they are mostly going towards 777 and 747, but that has to wait until i buy them 🙂 Thanks for watching and fly safe! Alex
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