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  1. Bert's mods fixed this, so for future reports of the same issue it will be fixed after installing them! Thank you Bert!
  2. Hello, I just installed the Carenado PC12 and the RealityXP GNS530WAAS. I love the two paired together, but when I create a flight plan in the GNS and set CDI to GPS, the OBS automatically rotates to the appropriate course, the autopilot navigates on NAV mode perfectly, but I get no CDI deflection if I hand fly and stray off the center of the course. This is not much of a big deal while enroute, but when trying to fly an LPV approach, I do get the glideslope indication but the CDI still does not deflect left or right as it would in real life. This makes flying the LPV approach by hand very difficult by having to look over to the GNS CDI indication instead of my HSI. Also, when using the autopilot it appears the APP mode will only track the lateral course and not the vertical slope of the approach. I have installed Bert's and Autogyro's mods, and have been searching tirelessly for similar problems but have no answers. I tried messaging Bert but he is unavailable right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvFnsjlTk14 At 9:30 on this video the GPS is switched on into the test mode and you see a CDI deflection half left, mine does not do this. At least this indicates it is a problem that could be fixed. Here is what happens when I am at that point: Thanks for the help, Zach
  3. Thank you Bert. If I find an answer by then I'll let you know. I'm particularly frustrated with LPV approaches using the reality xp guage. I get the glideslope but the CDI on the HSI shows no deflection when drifting off course. The APP mode on the autopilot does not appear to want to follow the glideslope either. Again, thank you for being a huge resource and saviour for the community! Zach
  4. Hi Bert! I have been searching the forums and I just cant seem to find the link to your PC12 mods and Autopilot mod. I was wondering if you could send them to me? I was also wondering if you know why the RealityXP 530 CDI doesn't ever show deflection, especially when doing an RNAV approach? Does the Autopilot APP mode on your mod follow the VNAV path from the Reality XP 530? So far it seems to only track LNAV only, and I have to manually adjust the pitch for the VNAV. Thanks so much for everything you do for the community! Zach
  5. General Rodriguez Int'l in Mexico. An old -600 just picked up the goods and hid the bodies now cleaning up before a dash North. Oh yeah, private livery.
  6. wonderful video! you have a calm voice that is easy to learn from (if that makes sense?) i really enjoy your expertise! looking forward to more in the future, have fun in Canada :-)
  7. 1) There is an option in the CDU Climb page as well as the Aircraft setup menu to change this.2) In the Performance section of the CDU PMDG Setup menu to omit the FO displays.3) I'm not sure but I think they're in the PMDG folder I'm away from my pc
  8. Just want to share I find the NGX to be ridiculously spot on especially after landing the 700WL in KRNO a few minutes ago. The flight from KCOS was perfect, descent perfect, approach perfect, and landing characteristics perfect. Using power to control altitude and pitch to control airspeed on final gave me a nice flare attitude I watched over and over in the replay. I have seen countless 737's land and finally I have witnessed my own identical landing to what I have seen so many times in real life. The avionics PMDG have created are superb, and I cannot find any flaws! I really feel bad for those who's experience is different. As far as the descent goes what is the big deal? Do some of you carry too much fuel? I always land with no more than 5K Lbs. and have an awesome path descent right down to the runway, stabilized and efficient. This plane is ridiculous, in all the best ways. I'm extremely proud to be a honest customer of this product.Tailwinds,
  9. waiting for a 'bandit' livery for the 600.
  10. it would be cool if we could get in the 'ground connections' menu an option for a red carpet. haha and a limo parked next to it!
  11. i doubt the g forces were that extreme. although i've never seen a climb/descent as high as 8000 ft/min i do know that climbing or descending isn't really percieved by the passenger like many think it is. you could be doing a 4000 ft/min descent and passengers wouldnt know the difference if you changed it to 1000 ft/min. i think in the sim since we have no physical reference to what is going on we focus on numbers and the projected image for feedback and that can cause certain things to be exaggerated.
  12. "when in doubt, level out" suspend your descent until you slow to a manageable speed, then hold that speed with appropriate flaps/gear/speed brakes and you'll be surprised how fast you can descend and not gain additional airspeed.
  13. I use fltplan.com to get my winds aloft. it even gives you a general FMS speed average to use on the perf init page as well as an awesome navlog for the entire route. great place to get current canadian plates also.
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