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  1. Thank you Bert. If I find an answer by then I'll let you know. I'm particularly frustrated with LPV approaches using the reality xp guage. I get the glideslope but the CDI on the HSI shows no deflection when drifting off course. The APP mode on the autopilot does not appear to want to follow the glideslope either. Again, thank you for being a huge resource and saviour for the community! Zach
  2. Hi Bert! I have been searching the forums and I just cant seem to find the link to your PC12 mods and Autopilot mod. I was wondering if you could send them to me? I was also wondering if you know why the RealityXP 530 CDI doesn't ever show deflection, especially when doing an RNAV approach? Does the Autopilot APP mode on your mod follow the VNAV path from the Reality XP 530? So far it seems to only track LNAV only, and I have to manually adjust the pitch for the VNAV. Thanks so much for everything you do for the community! Zach
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