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  1. I'd really suggest that you get it. Just today I flew to a bunch of interesting strips all over PNW. My base is at KHQM. I started out with the "hard" difficulty. I sold the Cessna 172 that came with it, and bought my Lancair. Unfortunately this caused me to go into debt. But after flying about eight jobs, I'm in the green. I flew into a really tight grass strip under the Seattle class B and the Paine Field class C. It was really fun managing the airspace and landing at a one-way-in-one-way-out strip. I also flew to Sequiam Valley just north of the Olympic mountains. It was a lot of fun dodging peaks using the RXP 530. It's taking me all over PNW to interesting strips. I think I'll make my way up to Canada soon for some jobs or maybe buy a C185 for bush strips. It's a great discovery tool for fun airfields.
  2. I bought AirHauler at a local store a few days ago. The full product works absolutely wonderfully for me. It even prompted me to check JustFlight's support site to download the latest SP. I don't think you'll have a problem with the full version.
  3. One thing to note is that you can hire AI pilots. You can accept jobs for them and schedule their days. Doing this you can bring in money even when you can't fly! You can still fly yourself, but when you have the AI guys hustling around doing jobs, the income comes in pretty quickly.
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