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  1. Jason Howell

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    now i am assuming people are having issues with this in DX9 FSX...Has anyone tried it in DX10 FSX, because i suspect it will handle the window issue a lot better in dx10
  2. Jason Howell

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    hmmmm...this looks promising...id like to know more about its features though...but it sure did remind me of good ol fsnav
  3. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    some addons wont work, but mainly it is little issues such as aircraft lights and in your case taxiway signs. I have found hardly any problems with dx10 with 3rd party addons, and my list of stuff is pretty extensive. The only momentary glitch i had was with FlyTamp's St. Maarten scenery, and they have fixes for dx10 on thier website. basically, if it is for FSX and not exclusively fs9, then you shouldnt have probs. the older stuff may have issues
  4. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Great shots barichr. Im glad you got DX10 working well. It took me a bunch of trial and error tweaking as well, but i can say im a a smooth as butter/no stutter 30fps almost everywhere. Sure some places drag on fps, but now the sim is flyable at any time, even on takeoff from KLGA (la Guardia NYC) and now that i have become a disciple of ORBX, im hooked to DX10 FSX. You would be wise to forget about P3D, word is that Lockheed Martin has let it be known that they are not interested in releasing this as a retail product. That means you wont see it on store shelves ala FSX or Xplane. And i for one wont pay a monthly fee or 200 dollars for something that isnt much beyond what FSX is now. If you have any questions, ask away. Paul is a huge help here, and ill chip in my 2 cents also. I run almost a carbon copy of Pauls settings and it works well for me
  5. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Paul, where did u get that plane? Looks like fun!
  6. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    I downloaded the new NVIDIA drivers and nothing new to report BUT it did reset my inspector settings, so i had to set that back up...other than that, still loving DX10!
  7. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Dirk98, ive used this document and Pauls advice to great effect, so much so that i dont refresh this thread every 5 minutes to see what has changed. Im pretty much happy with fsx now that im in DX10 and have it tweaked. My most recent postings have been in the screenshot forum and not in a tweaking forum. Which means im flying instead of dissecting a cfg file. My LOD radius is set at 6.5 and that seems to be the sweet spot for it. I prob could go higher, but im not fixing whats not broke. And bloom...i run bloom great in DX10, it has no effect on frame rate. But today im gonna shut it off to see if things are more realistic looking in the sim. Some things about bloom i love, such as the VASI lights and the runway lights at night, but i dont like how it makes airplanes "glow." Maybe with it off, ill even gain even more headway into keeping that fps counter pegged at 30.
  8. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Paul, i have followed this guide since the original post and can attest that this stuff works! Tinkering is still required to find the sweet spot, and i am sure this applies to everyone since every system is different. For example, in your Nvidia Inspector settings, you crank up the AF setting to 16x, myself i only have it up to 8x. On AA transparency Supersampling, i have it set to off/multisampling. your doc states it is at x8 sparse grid. In my tinkering i have noticed that panning in the VC with that setting on becomes VERY sluggish. The sim still looks amazing with this setting off. One thing that i cant figure out is every time i change TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULTI to 120, the sim changes it back to default everytime. And last night during a flight i tried the following setting: [bufferPools] BufferPools=1 PoolSize=10485760 RejectThreshold=1048576 and with this i experienced my first FSX OOM ever. To ensure it wasnt a fluke, i repeated the same flight 2 more times and it OOMed in pretty much the same spot every time. I was in some very dense autogen scenery and spinning around in a helicopter. So I went back to this [bufferpools] UsePools=0 and tried the same flight and no OOM's. And now i have ORBX Aussie scenery and flying that up and down left and right, and no OOM;s to be had It used to be that i spent 90 percent of my time tinkering, and 10% flying. That has thankfully flip flopped thanks to your guide and the recent fixes to dx10.
  9. Jason Howell

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Great post and i vote for a sticky!
  10. Jason Howell

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    seems im late to this party...Paul...what is this shadersHLSL and what does it do...and most importantly will it work in dx10? :rolleyes: