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  1. Ive come to prefer the AS2012 graphics over the REX textures...so im keeping my eye out for pics also
  2. Way back when...FSUIPC was the first addon i purchased...been with it ever since...it should be a part of everyones FSX. It really is that essential, and is FOR SURE the unsung hero of the FSX world
  3. how is FRAPS when it comes to recording video? I have the full version but only have used it for taking screenshots? and what is the preferred hotkey to start/stop video recording?
  4. But does this work in DX10 mode...thats what i want to know Also..you talk about turning off AA...i assume you mean Anti Aliasing..and why in the world would anyone do that?
  5. now i am assuming people are having issues with this in DX9 FSX...Has anyone tried it in DX10 FSX, because i suspect it will handle the window issue a lot better in dx10
  6. hmmmm...this looks promising...id like to know more about its features though...but it sure did remind me of good ol fsnav
  7. I bought the FSG meshes about six months ago and they definitely improve the FSX world..especially europe and asia..i bought ALL of them so my whole FSX globe is FSG meshed covered and even in the USA things look great and work well with the ORBX sceneries at transition points in and out of ORBX coverage
  8. Youre right in my FSX neighborhood...i fly out of Port Angeles, WA (KCLM) which is to the northwest, and im all over that area...great shots
  9. Im not being negative, I thoroughly enjoy FSX and the many addons i have used for it over the years. FSX has not lost its luster for me after all this time, im probably flying it more now than i did when it was brand new. But i dont see the big appeal of P3D. It looks about the same as FSX to to me. And honestly, if i saw it on a shelf at wal mart or best buy, id probably buy it, i just love this genre that much. But the pricing model that LM has for it now is a BIG turn off for me. And it doesnt look like it is going to change anytime soon. Im not being negative, im being real.
  10. Until LM decides to go full retail with P3D, im not touching it..
  11. I got curious and went to the properties folder of my fsx install... It took a minute or so to read all the files.. 110 GB smh... how big is too big? I blame ORBX :mad:
  12. If you use MyTraffic 2013 or MyTraffic 5.4a, your settings for AI should be no more than 50% for airliners. This comes from the mouth of the developer himself. Anything more than that is just adding more "eye candy" and not what he intended to be "realistic" AI settings I have MyTraffic 5.4a Professional and have the seetings at 55% airliners and 35% GA traffic and that is plenty of traffic for me. Here is the link to that thread from the support forum for MyTraffic http://forum.simflight.com/topic/71618-where-should-the-ai-traffic-sliders-be-for-a-realistic-ai-world/
  13. Same here. Not impressed at all. i use AS2012 for the wx engine and REX for the textures.
  14. you can get the same info for free at http://skyvector.com/ and http://www.airnav.com/ Skyvector is almost required by me now for VFR flying
  15. Back in the day thats all we had for AI was ground models that moved around and the planes took off, but disappeared soon after takeoff
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