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  1. Occasionally when I begin my takeoff roll the autothrottle will disconnect when I select TOGA. I follow the same procedure each time i.e. establish 40% N1, select TOGA. When it happens I just rearm it and continue but I would like to know what I'm doing wrong.
  2. To find the default tail numbers look in the directory for each affected aircraft livery. You will find a file named something like GVABA.ini . The root filename (in this example GVABA) is the tail number which should correspond to the entry in the ATC tail number menu which you can access via the multiplayer page in FSX. G-VABA for example is the British Airways 738-WL
  3. I had this problem too. For me even reinstalling didn't fix it. After much troubleshooting I realised that during an online ATC session I had changed the tail number of some of my NGX aircraft from the default. This stopped the aircraft initialisation routine when loading and resulted in the 2D panels being non functional
  4. If you have installed SP1C then the tutorial will be available in the PMDG menu from the Start Menu.
  5. As has been mentioned previously, the brake temp gauge does not give an actual temperature reading. It is just a scale from 0 to 10. It also takes a fair bit of braking to get it to register and there is also a delay which simulates the time taken for the heat to spread to the sensor.
  6. Since installing SP1C I have noticed a problem with cockpit lighting. When I turn on the dome light all the 2D panels go black. I also lose the digits on the MCP.
  7. en englais, s'il vous plait
  8. I have heard this too not only on the NGX but also in RW. I think it might be an addition in SP1C as I haven't noticed it until recently.I believe it is the fans turning freely due to the wind while parked. I seem to recall seeing a mention of this in one of the manuals as a consideration for engine start when this occurs.
  9. Best to look at the FS2Crew forum. I believe there are some tutorials available or to be released along with SP1
  10. The different responses for left and right sides for runway entry and pin removal on pushback are a nice touch.
  11. The tail number of each livery is different i.e for the British Airways it is G-VABA. The tail numbers are set by PMDG are in the ATC tail number menu which can be accessed in the multiplayer preflight menu. The problem occurs when you change the tail number from this default. I did this on my during an online ATC session.If you have changed any of these tail numbers you will have problems with that aircraft. You need to change them back to the defaults. You can find the default tail number by looking at the name of the ini file in each livery directory i.e. G-VABA.ini
  12. I had this problem too last week. Took me 2 days to solve and even after completely removing and reinstalling the PMDG it didn't fix it. I finally worked out the problem was I changed the ATC tail number of a couple of my NGXs during an online session Even when then flying in free flight afterwards where the ATC tail number is not an option the problem persists. This has the effect of removing the ID that it needs to run the panel initialisation setup. I reported this to PMDG and they are looking at ways to fix it in the future.Hope this fixes your issue.
  13. I assume this is a question rather than a statement, or do you know something we don't?
  14. If I recall correctly, the key you need is, 'z'
  15. I think I have resolved my issue. After trying uninstalling and reinstalling the NGX completely with no success I thought again about the circumstances of when the issue started to happen. I realised that it happened when I tried to fly online and it only affected the liveries that I tried to use during that session. I remembered that I had changed the ATC tail number on each of them. However once I had the issue I went back to free flight to try to resolve it, where the ATC tail number is not an option. When I looked in the aircraft folder I noticed an ini file which has the tail number as part of the file name. This file appears to setup all the displays. I went back into multiplayer and changed the tail numbers back to the defaults and now the panels initialise properly again.It looks like PMDG aren't aware of this issue.So in summary to avoid this issue: Don't change the default ATC tail number when flying online as it will corrupt that aircraft even in free flight.Thanks for the suggestions on this issue.
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