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  1. Irishcurse

    Solution for Saitek panels in P3DV4

    There are profiles that people have built in SPAD Next that work great . I use custom ones for all my aircraft. You can access them through the program.
  2. You should just cut and paste the code in the forums for Mega download. You dont need to create an account for Mega
  3. Irishcurse

    Cannot Access MaddogX Site

    I get the site and forum fine. I use firefox
  4. Irishcurse

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    I found a significant increase in fps with 4.4 and the TFDi. Flying it right now too. No CTD's
  5. Irishcurse

    FlythemadogX just released SP1

    MD83 and MD88 coming. At least the 83.
  6. Irishcurse

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Just flew a flight I haven't been able to finish twice because of the blurries. Happy to report it worked great. Ill try some more tomorrow. Seems very encouraging
  7. Irishcurse

    Throttles Controlling Rudders

    When this happens to my sim most times P3D added a new axis (usually more than one) in the axis control in the sim. Take a look at each device under axis in the sim. You'll probably find the throttle control also assigned to a rudder axis.
  8. Irishcurse

    AivlaSoft EFB v2

    Been using V1 for a long time. Love it. Was excited to see the new version. I only used the 30 day trial thankfully because like Dave I am disappointed in it. I still use v1.
  9. Follow the instructions?
  10. Irishcurse

    737-700WL missing

    Resolved. Third time is a charm
  11. Irishcurse

    737-700WL missing

    Uninstalled and reinstalled all of my PMDG aircraft trying to isolate an issue with a ACARS software. Now when I reinstall the 600/700 it doesn't install the WL version. I got to add repaints and it says the 700WL isn't installed. The 600 and 700 show up in the operations center but without the WL option. Very odd. It has to be something I did. Any suggestions?
  12. Irishcurse

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Its been in development for 10 years? Did they team up with LevelD on a project with that kind of time line?
  13. Irishcurse

    GSX menu opens in full screen

    Doesn't happen in the TFDi only the Maddog