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  1. Problem resolved. It was a Firefox issue. Using IOS instead
  2. I am getting a weird error. Been using this for years with no issues. This is with MSFS which has been working fine for PMDG 737. I have uninstalled. Reinstalled. Deleted the keys and downloaded new ones. Any help would be great Error:Script Error. Script: Line 0 Column: 0 Stack Trace: Null Thanks
  3. OK. I was looking for the FSL 320. Sounds great thanks!
  4. Not seeing the FSLabs in the options to request a license
  5. PMDG already said they are minimum a year away from releasing the NG3. I have MSFS. Don't use it. I am P3D until FSL and PMDG are on MSFS. That at least a year away.
  6. It is but you dont then tell customers who are still buying their P3D products that they basically dont care about P3D. Thats what he is doing. He is focused on a new sim that they have zero aircraft released for. Its like a car dealer selling you a 2020 model but when you have a issue with it they say they are barely selling any 2020 models and are focused on 2021 models.
  7. I got it. Its nice. BDL isn't a fancy airport. I wont be switching to MSFS 2020 until the payware aircraft become available
  8. spoke too soon. Built the plan and hit generate and got a red line where a green line should be and then it logged me out.
  9. Just used it. Previous try was bad gateway 502 error
  10. I like how they are satisfied with 72 hours of "beta testing"
  11. Yeah your original post is not only defending them but calling out someone for not liking CS.BTW You are comparing. You are saying it's those 2 developers fault for charging so much. Fly The Maddog X is 80$ and the 83/88 add on is 25. Still less than the CS 767 and so much better by every standard. Developers selling their less than quality products (unfinished) at high prices has everything to do with people willing to pay for it and nothing to do with quality developers charging their prices.
  12. You realize they are selling it for 139$ after they "eventually" update it from Beta. That is the same as PMDG and FSLabs. They aren't even close
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