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  1. I can tell you that in my daily hobby that pays my bills (finance, sales and marketing in my CV dealing with manufacturers, large retailers, e-tailers, value added resellers, box-movers, small resellers, affiliates, you name it...) I am confronted regularly with how to handle this. And if i talk in absolute terms, it is because there is legal base for this and 'cause I know how to turn this around to look nicer, just a question of how you set up your pricing strategy and how you manage your relation with your providers. Anyway, let me tell you that if for a minute you just take a different point of view reading the two links you sent me, they say nothing different, just an intelligent way to tell you as developer, we respect your price recommendation. But maybe you do not want to. In general everyone will stand by these recommendations as they do want to make as much margin as possible, unless they are in need of revenue instead, but this is a different subject. It is just the agreement that the third party or broker if you wish, that himself sets up will bind him to a certain price. But at the end it comes down to an Recommended Street Price. which is built on margins after a re-seller purchase price. Just the backwards maths, you know, no rocket science. A lot of apparently different business models exist, but it is just a question of marketing and how well they are accepted by the market. Take a step back, and for your personal education, try to think a bit more critical about those business models, but maybe you have your reasons not to.
  2. this is legal non-sense... no manufacturer has the right to control a price of a good sold through a third party! there have been many competitive lawsuits where big boys thought they could do exactly that, even if it was not obvious. They paid for it at the end. there is no trick. often it is just down to exchange rates or specific limited promos etc.... and if there is a real difference and you prefer to buy at your preferred shop, than a) pay more or b) contact your shop and let them know there is a cheaper offer. Most of the time they will align, and often they are not aware.
  3. for all you inpatient future DC-6 Pilots out there, go flight your other aircraft till release, you will probably not be touching them for a while :wink:
  4. ok, once you managed that part, i would actually request the pizza delivery button. thanks for your innovative thinking!
  5. will the cabin crew call buttons be compatible with my home com system to call flight attendant and bring a coffee?
  6. any luck? just purchased the payware version of it, and now i am on the quest for a profile to add to PFPX
  7. Airbus? forget AS, and FSLabs come to X-plane. For Boeing I stick with FSX ... for the time being
  8. not sure if it is the case also for P3D, but I migrated my FSX to Win 10 right after release, all add-ons work fine and i do have a pretty list.... ASNext, PFPX, Topcat, REX texture direct + soft clouds, navigraph charts, FS2Crew NGX rebooted and 777, Virtual CDU, PMDG's NGX and 777, GSX, FSDT airports etc, etc no issues at all the only thing I had to tweak was the USB disconnect issue known to many from Win8 days, I had to deactivate some USB feature in BIOS (not sure again what ) in the mean time all good, thinking nevertheless about doing a fresh and clean install due to other little hick-ups that the upgrade process brought to life. I recommend doing a fresh install, not necessarily because of simulator issues, but as a general advice to get the OS clean.
  9. for those crazy ones like myself, not owning an apple device and refusing andoid, thus stuck on windows devices, the solution for virtual cdu has arrived: http://www.avsim.com/topic/475479-announcing-remote-cdu-2-now-supports-pmdgs-777x-and-ngx/?p=3301919 works on my windows tablet but also on my windows phone great interface, the developer is very responsive in terms of support, and, guys, having seen a few other products out there, this one is very affordable i must say.
  10. you're very welcome! on the SDK for PMDG T7 I am not so sure end users will have an influence, probably more hopeful if developers push for it... but besides that, PMDG are not so positive about customers telling them what they should release and what priorities they shoud take... they are top of class in fsx development, they know it and they behave alike! Been in their forum a few times and it is the kind of forum where you should not write anything not compliant with Robert's view, or you would risk to rally all self appointed forum police officers against you! not so sure why the air is so thick in that forum but a modern company should be a bit more willing to listen to their customers.
  11. just download SimServer on the PC you got your Simulator running, execute it, you should get a little icon on your task bar next to the clock! run a browser on your surface, enter your local adress (where your Sim is running) with the port included (should be sth like http://192.168.1.xx:32111) done.... for the trial version you will only be able to view and not interact with the CDU. on my Win10 systems it works like a 10! +1 for PMDG 777 I already made an accrual in my books for it :smile: of course, provided PMDG issue SDK for 777
  12. guys, just installed, paid and got it running smoothly works great on windows 10 tablet!!! been waiting for this since no one else had a windows tablet enabled virtual cdu!!! Mark is the MAN little improvement potential though... on my mobile phone device the screen does not refresh automatically, need to refresh page to see inputs taken into account
  13. Does anyone know a solution for a weird guy looking for a virtual CDU through home network on a Win 8.1 touch device? and before anyone jumps on the occasion... I know, I should blame myself for it but I am a Windows user ... no iPads and no Androids in my place and home network, even my mobile phone is on Windows. I tried emulators for android but the result was negative
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