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  1. Can’t believe my eyes, are these nuclear explosions or clouds?
  2. Even for early access this is absolutely shocking. But feel free to try it.
  3. Yes, i mean some shadows inside the cockpit. That's all. I will fill a refund request for FSW and wait for P3D V4.
  4. Just one advice: don't buy FSW if you're expecting more than just an FSX version with some shadows and effects! I'm very disapointed.
  5. "Big news!" Just some preview screens of Innsbruck...
  6. Don't forget it is still early acces
  7. Many thanks, looks wonderfull :im Not Worthy:
  8. Cloud9 Amsterdam - Schiphol :wink:
  9. As far as I can see are they only talking about the virtual reality experience. They didn't mention that you are able to fly the simulator by yourself. So just an virtual reality experience. :wink:
  10. Is this a joke? Come on Dovetail, I can't believe this.
  11. Why a topic like this? Only speculations based on nothing. We all know that it is impossible to guess the release dates of PMDG products. If they say 2015, expect 2016.
  12. First and short impression of this new driver: great improved smoothness and better FPS. AA seems to be also a bit better with my GTX760.
  13. Great! The best news of the year!
  14. Same here, this topic shows the difference between the popcorn clouds and the amazing HDEv2 clouds. If you still have problems with the (popcorn) REX4 textures, try these great HDEv2 clouds!