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  1. hi kiek, normal bgl traffic works fine, but this is not live traffic. Then i have to live with that deviation. Best regards Oliver
  2. Dear kiek, I have tested a lot together with simbol which is the developer of FSReborn light effects. If I use a normal bgl traffic file the status for the NAV, Beacon and Strobe Lights works on different models as expected. If I use your program V17.5 often the NAV and beacon lights are not on, strobe runs like expected. Maybe the status event has changed due to P3DV5. It would be realy nice if you can check if V5 has an influence here. Many thanks and best regards Oliver
  3. Have created a own bgl file for lufthansa (many different types), all runs well, so i think i have to contact developer "kiek" for psxseecontraffic, maybe due to the change to P3DV5 he has to update the status for NAV and Beacon lights in his software Many thanks for your great support, now we know you program works perfect. BG Oliver
  4. so your program say is configured correctly (fully, not partiualy), all the models listed above from the tests. beacon/Nav -> +150% in effect size, dynamic size and intensity, Texture color untouched In your preview module all lights are fine. Strange is, if I restore to standard effects all runs fine. I use PSXSEECON Traffic in combination with RealTraffic. i will test tomorrow a own designed BGL file. Have a good night Oliver
  5. restored all old effects, beacon, nav and strobe lights are visible, not so nice as your effects of course maybe that help too for error finding.
  6. Hi Simbol, so some tests results, no weather injection, no true sky; all aircraft configurated correctly according your protocol in V5: FSPXAI B77L (Cargo) runs perfect, strobe, nav, beacons fine FSPXAI B789 strobe perfect, nav smaller than B77L, no beacon Effects are embetted in model, no entry in aircraft.cfg FAIB B763 strobe perfect, no nav, no beacon effect in aircraft.cfg fx_fsreborn_XXXXX2892 (with XXXXX for beacon, ...Oliver FAIB A320 same as 763, strobe fine, rest no effect number is 2836 (in V4 it was 2803) Hope that help to find the problem. Have a good evening. Best regards Oliver
  7. not so easy to find airport with traffic, but zggg have some not only fspxai, also faib etc. i switch off enhanced a. beta, fine for strobes, they are visible like in v4 times. but no navlights and no beacon lights (except fspxai, they have navlights, but very small) rhanks for help. best regards oliver
  8. dear simbol, enhanced A. beta on scaling technique optimzed for full hd, because my projector has 1920x 1080. best regards oliver
  9. Dear Simbol, many thanks for converting your great program to V5. If I use you preview functionality all looks great and same as in V4. But directly in V5 (not preview mode) with weather on (OpusFSI, last Beat) the strobes, Navs are not visible from distance, only landing lights. NAVs and Beacons are only visible if I am really in the near of the wing/aircraft, and I have already used Effect size + 200%. Strobes are mostly visible from direct near (if the aircraft fly over you), but not in the same way as in you preview function and not from distance. If I look to A330 of FSPXAI (newest version), the strobes position is within the wing, maybe that is the reason and the implemented effect is not that, what was chosen in you tool. Can you check please what happend here. Many thanks and best regards Oliver
  10. works perfect now, thanks simbol for that great and realy fast support. i have installed hf1 and all runs perfect, except all my papi runway lights are white now and not 2 white and 2 red on correct glideslope, have to look why. best regards oliver
  11. hi simbol, there is an other bug in the software. in chapter ai aircraft modelsstats the software show after scan the amount of aircraft, but if you open the view details of this chapter all is 0 this have as result that you dont have any aicraft in global gorup list on second chapter please check many thanks oliver
  12. perfect kiek, thanks. Best regards Oliver
  13. Dear Kiek, please update the Generator: New Model: E295 New Airlines: ATW, KME, NSW, RUK, SJX, TZP Many thanks Best regards Oliver
  14. hi simbol, After your procedure all works fine. thanks and have a nice weekend oliver
  15. Good morning, i have installed A350. A350-1000 is fullycompatible shown in FSreborn Menue. A350-900 is strage (i have 32 liveries), all liveries till fltsim.25 are shown as not compatible, all liveries from fltsim.26 are fully compatible. I have checked, the liveries are corecctly installed and shown in P3D. I have tried NWT model or old wing model, same result. Please check. Thanks. Oliver
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