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  1. perfect nico will try on weekend, thanks for your effort. best regards oliver
  2. become live means an parking aircraft get signal from adbs to get live and start pushback from parking position
  3. if an aircraft gets life from adbs stream and the airline and the type have a livery marked with special, the special livery is used by psxseecon, even if the atcid is different, bg oli
  4. dear nico, i realized that v22.3 choose always special liveries, if they are available, even if the atcid is different, can you check please, source was eddb, lufthansa a319 in star alliance always used, air baltic a223 in special liveries too. both aircrafts became to live, if i found out this inconsistency. yesterday in rkpc asiana b767 cargo was created at a non cargo gate by psxseecon, instead of 767 passenger. i have atcid for cargo plane and cargo type to ensure proper usage, but this was ignored by psxseecon. same as in eddb, aircraft became live ... it would be nice if you can check, thanks, oliver
  5. perfect nico thank you, yes most of them smaller airports with small traffic. best regards oliver
  6. dear kiek, no, the airport will not reconized if i start directly in wa..... only reconized if i start first with wiii and then change the airport to wa.... best regards from berlin oliver
  7. Hi Nico, me again. I have problems with initialization of the aircrafts in different indonesian airports. In WASS, WALL, WAAA, WAVV, ... no parking aircrafts will be placed on initial load, of course airport.xml files are correct. In Jarkarta (WIII) all runs well. So my work around is to call first WIII, let place the aircraft and then switch to WA.... airports, then you program place the parking aircraft correctly and according the defined positions in airport.xml file. It would be nice, if you can look what is happend here in your program. I use it in combination with ADS-B Live Traffic. Thanks. Best regards Oliver
  8. i own the fsdg version and it runs well in v5, you have to ensure, that the ALT bgl file is in world scenery folder. best regards oliver
  9. works perfectnow nico, thanks, best regards oliver
  10. Dear Nico, I have a lot of parking files, mostly real time only = 1. But for some special airports I have now a problem after the update. In the old syntax an false real option was written so: <option airline="TSC" type="A21N" real="false" /> Now I got the following error message: position g1 has an option without on hours attribute That means, if an airport file contains only real=false options V20.0 expect an hour parameter within this options? If yes, what is the correct syntax? Many thanks and merry Christmas. Oliver
  11. hi nico do you recommend a xml program for editing, currently i use notepad, but sometimes i delete a > and then it is hard to find where is was deleted by me 😀
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