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  1. Thanks Chris. I was of the understanding that it didn't have night textures. Is this still true?Thanks Anthony Slattery
  2. Could one of our awesome painters please do this special paint scheme? For some reason I'm having trouble posting a picture that works. However, it's the Ryanair Dream -liner scheme. Thanks in advance.Thanks Anthony Slattery
  3. Once again Bryan looking great! In addition to the Southwest paints that haven't been done Slam Dunk one would be another awesome paint. I know it's no longer used but it still would be awesome. Thanks again.Anthony Slattery
  4. Bryan that is awesome!Anthony Slattery
  5. Any of the great painters around this forum interested in doing the Alaska Airlines spirit of Disneyland for the 737-900? We don't have too many paints for this bird so if one of out talented painters could do it I for one would be greatfull. Regards Anthony Slattery
  6. Looks like a great start Bryan! Hopefully you get a chance to finish it.Anthony Slattery
  7. Very nice Chris can't wait to add that paint to my hanger. Hopefully at some point you feel like trying Maryland one. Thanks again. Tony Slattery
  8. Any chance someone will paint Southwest airline's Maryland One, Illinois One, and Nevada One? I d realize that these are some of the harder repaints out there but they would look awesome on the NGX. Thank you to anyone that attempts these renditions. Anthony Slattery
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