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  1. Many Thanks Guys, I did only have it set to DX11, changed to DX12, now Frame Generation is enabled. Thought Asobo would of mentioned it in the help text. Thanks again. John.
  2. Hi All, I recently purchased a new system which includes an Intel I7 and a RTX 4080. When in the graphic settings in MSFS, the "DLSS Frame Generation" option in not enabled. The text to the right when you put the curser on the option says:- " Change windows setting in "Display>Graphics and change default graphics to "Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling", which I have and restarted the pc, but still the option is still not enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. John.
  3. Hi, Thanks pete for the tip, have now got traffic and does not hang going back to the main menu. Thanks again.
  4. Before update to, FS Traffic was working fine with GSX as well, but now with both installed if I go start a flight say at EGLL the is no Traffic, not one apart from my aircraft. The GSX menu comes up fine and every thing else seems fine, except when I try to exit to main menu MSFS just hangs and I have to use task manager to shut it down. I only have FS Traffic & GSX files in my community folder. If I remove the GSX files then FS Traffic works fine and does not hang back to the main menu, same if I remove FS Traffic does not hang back to the menu, as I said the two addons worked fine together before this latest update. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Versions used: FS Traffic 1.0.2c, GSX 2.2.3.
  5. Yes I know what you mean with AI crazies, but I was glad just to see the AI moving again in my sim. The behaviour of the AI is something that Asobo has been promising to fix for ages now, even AIG has stated they can't do anything about the AI's slow taxing, slow line ups and slow getting off the runways etc, it is in the core sim inherited from FSX. Asobo has never really put any urgently on their AI, so who knows how long we have to wait before they will sort it. John.
  6. Thanks to everyone, especially Kia for help and suggestions. I found the entry in the content file saying the FS nav data = False. I deleted the content file, and MSFS rebuilt it, and my AI traffic is now moving again. Thanks Guys. John.
  7. Thanks Kai for letting me know about AIG. I have found the "Content.xml" file in my Appdata/MSFS directory. Look at the first few lines, it says FS Nav Data = False, but the Navigraph Nav Data = True. Content> <Package name="fs-base-ui-vr" active="true"/> <Package name="fs-base-ai-traffic" active="true"/> <Package name="fs-base" active="true"/> <Package name="fs-base-nav" active="false"/> <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" active="true"/> But I do not have Navigraph installed anymore, so not sure where it is picking that up from. Should I just delete the Navigraph line and change the "Base NAV" to = true ?. Thanks. John.
  8. Kai, I used to have Navigraph installed but removed it a while ago and as far as I know I have cleared out any remnants of it. So would this content.xml file still be around?. Can you tell me if AIG needs the default AI to be working to make the AIG traffic to move, because that is my problem the built in default MSFS traffic does not move for me, with or without any externals AI programs. John.
  9. Guys, you seem to be missing my point, the DEFAULT AI traffic in my MSFS, "DOES NOT MOVE" no matter what setting. You should, even with the default AI get the odd 1 or 2 planes landing, taking off or taxiing, but I get nothing, I can leave it for hours on RT or offline traffic and still nothing moves at any airport you care to name, the only thing that does move are the ground vehicles, So programes like "Simple Traffic" and I assume "AIG" rely on some sort of default AI, So even with these two programes I have installed there is still no movement, and yes "AIG Manager & AIG Traffic controller" is setup and configured correctly, as said previously there is plenty of traffic at the gates, they Just don't move. I know PSXT & Real Traffic does not rely on the MSFS default AI, but seeing how well AIG works in YT vids that is what I would prefer if I could get this default AI to work. Thanks for looking. John.
  10. Since about SU5 my AI realtime and offline traffic does not work. I know the Asobo AI is a bit naff, but I used to get some AC landing and taking off, but since SU5 nothing moves. I can get AC at the gates but they all Just stay there. I have tried a couple of AI programes, "Simple Traffic" & AIG, I know simple traffic relies on the Asobo traffic to work, but again lots parked at gates but nothing moves, but even with AIG, no movement. I think most simmers have AI traffic working as I have seen this in YT vids, not sure if it is just some. As far as I know I don't think Asobo has ever commented on it, only about making RT traffic better. Any Ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. John.
  11. I agree, the default Asobo A.I. is awful. They were supposed to have improved the live traffic - A.I in the last update (6), but I have seen very little change. I tried offline traffic at Heathrow and there AC crisscrossing the the airport at about 200ft. But I thought there were trailers put up a few weeks ago from Just Flight (I think) about a new A.i program and a freeware one which was to do with live traffic but can't remember the title, it was just initials, anyone heard anymore about these?.
  12. Can anybody confirm this, as they said it would be addressed with this update.
  13. Yes, I think all these AI traffic programs rely on MSFS traffic working properly, which it does not since SU5 broke it, so until Asobo fix it these programs will not fully work unless they can bypass the Asobo traffic for their own. If I use AIG or simple traffic I only get a few ac taxing and taking off in AI offline, or only a few landing ac if I use online traffic. I still don't understand why it only affects some and not all, as I have seen YT videos where they are using these programs and you see landing and taxing traffic at the same time. Hope there is going to be a fix in the next update. John.
  14. I also would like to know if Aerosoft are still doing a work around for it. Are they waiting for SU6 before they can say?.
  15. Hi, could you point to a video of PSXT in MSFS, I might give it a try. Thanks.
  16. Yea, some people are lucky to get AI Traffic, since SU5, I have no "Realtime" or AI traffic, no matter what I try to do to enable them. I just wish there was some sort of config file I could check to see if AI has been disabled, as not everyone has this problem, or is it another long wait from Asobo to fix it ?.
  17. Yes,Yes, please get your priorities right first Asobo, take a look at your bugs list and wish list.
  18. You can import more windows voices into Pilot2ATC, there are some videos on YT on how to do this.
  19. I have, Live traffic is turned on in the data settings, but still nothing.???
  20. Yea, since SU5 I have not seen any AI or any real time live traffic (even at big airports). Everything is enabled in the UI, the only thing I do see is static parked traffic. I know some have this problem, but most don't. Is it something that has changed in a config file somewhere and maybe needs re-enabling, or is it yet another Asobo fix we are waiting for.? John.
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