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  1. Welcome to my world. I've been writing about this for years. It's not just the 747, it's all aircraft models that use the internal ESP (FSX & P3D) flight model. Flight dynamics during thrust changes and in ground effect are almost non-existent. OEI dynamics are obviously wrong too. Some developers have used external flight model to overcome this. Some others use FBW laws to induce pitch down during the flare
  2. On many occasions, ye. As i wrote in the beginning, it's intentional. Sorry for making you feel giddy. My idea was to show overall aircraft response in different situations/ energy states.
  3. So i did a landing comparison of the FSL320 vs. the FF320. A sidestick camera is included in both videos. Conditions are relatively the same during both landings. Variable winds /w light turbulence. I made more adjustments than needed to show the differences in response and feel. Enjoy P.S. I don't intend starting a war over which is better. FSLA320: https://youtu.be/x36g0o73SKI FF320: https://youtu.be/DM7whpazKkA
  4. I agree with everything said here. I'd also add that in real life, landing in a sideslip feels much more uncomfortable than the actual positive touchdown. So, if you're trying to make it more real, pay attention to the sideslip as well. Try to align the plane before touch down and to maintain that attitude after it. I remember a software called "Lord of the Landings" (believe it's still in the library here). It can measure both your ft/min T/D rate, flare distance and sideslip angle during touch down.
  5. Also, If you have both APs on for the ILS, your autolanding will arm. This, according to FCOM, will trim nose up below 400' in preparations for the autolanding.
  6. 26 020 L 20 816 kg ~ 21 T 45 891 lbs
  7. It looks stunning. Sometimes one wonders if it's time to fly or admire the views. Thank, you :)
  8. Thank you, all :) And for a good reason. However, XP11 has it's moments and greater potential i must say :)
  9. Using ESP XP11 for the sky. Many thanks to pilot83 for his ReShade presets
  10. Stunning! Thank you for improving the pack!
  11. You're welcome, guys. Hope you'll like it :)
  12. link: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37325-eddieskypack-for-xp11-esp-xp11-b085/ preview screenshots:
  13. 3/4 back stick deflection at 30' RA for about a second. That'd reduce RoD to about -200 ft/min. At 5' RA or below make that final touch with a check or two on the stick. Always works with me on the 320-X and gives greasers at about -25 to -45 ft/min. All of this is applicable with no wind conditions and stable approach with RoD around -700ft/min above the piano keys. Delay flare if head wind is present. Good luck
  14. Yes, Dirk. I can absolutely confirm your experience. I'm flying more than happily around the whole Europe with my FSL320X. I even have my scenery and autogen at far right, though i don't have any traffic except the guys on VATSIM. Last flight was out of EDDL (by Aerosoft) and the worst case scenario so far. We took off with only 600MB available. During the flight around 400MB (!!) were released and started the descent with around the extremely comfortable 1000MB available VAS, which is basically a VAS permitting you to land on any scenery. What makes me even more euphoric is the FSLA320X itself.. Simply the best thing i've ever had on my desktop.. That's a different matter though.. Best Regards, See you in the skies, Vic
  15. My understanding is that they say VAS is better in 3.3 than in 3.4. Yet i think it's even better in 3.2
  16. Will FSL320 run in P3D v.3.2? Has someone tried it? I think VAS would be better managed there. Even better than in 3.3.5. That's what keeping me on the fence actually. I wait for someone to confirm that the bus will run in P3Dv.3.2
  17. Sorry if this one's already covered. Anyone tested the bird in P3D v3.2? Is it possible to fly her there?
  18. That's really soothing Thank you for the info. I wonder for how much longer i'll be able to dodge 3.4
  19. could you tell what a/c you used , please? I'm still on 3.2 and i'm really afraid of 3.4 :) I understand that we won't have a choice after FSL A320 is released so i'm really trying to research this 3.4 as much as possible before updating
  20. I think you're right. Seems PTA doesn't have an option to apply diffuse and ambient lighting settings to ground polys, used in addon sceneries (don't know if it's possible at all) I converted the preset to PTAv.2. For some reason i'm now getting that nasty shaded effect only with specific angles with the sun. So i guess it's a bit better now. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxBF4J8BmYLfN0t1S0VZSzhRZE0 dimkzr, thank you again for helping Best Regards, Vic
  21. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it. Now... I tested it with an addon scenery and i confirm i have the same problem you described *i'm feeling a bit ashamed . I can't believe i haven't noticed it before. I'll try to solve this one and i'll post an updated version. Thank you for your report
  22. Hi, Mike! Unfortunately, no. If you're one of those realism hunters, you'll have to adjust your sky texture depending on the season and area you're flying in. The ones given in the package are adjusted to northern Europe/Asia during the Winter season. If you want, i could make you a preset for an area you like to fly in. Let me know Best Regards, Vic
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