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  1. Have you seen the quality of most MSFS 2020 addons? If people are willing to buy that garbage and im sure you guys wanna jump on the train and throw out some hot garbage as well, WHY do you think we care if it works right or not? If it flies thats a start.
  2. No I just found myself wondering this today and this topic popped up in google.
  3. So here we are over 3 years later. You stand by that comment?
  4. Time for you guys to move on. FSX has long been in its twilight regardless of how hard some people cling to it. Developers are abandoning it. Join us on the dark side or beg for nothing.
  5. Is there a way to get the CS L-1011 to follow the GTN at all? The video he is referring to is for the F1 Gtn.
  6. Then just get P3D. There are plenty of people who have both. Begging for it on X-plane is not going to change anything.
  7. Ok can someone PLEASE post it here because the google file is gone and the author never has any pm space.
  8. Why do you keep calling it the -800? It's not a -800 it's a -8. The -8 is used to signify the fact that it has technology from the 787. Just because it went -100 thru -400 doesn't mean it just JUMPS to -800. It's a whole new series.
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