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  1. ErnieAlston

    PMDG C Series and MAX on horizon????

    I didn't indicate disagreement with this. Just noting the license agreements tend to be about more than just copyrights and trademarks. Just curious. How do you know the naming is due to licensing requirements ? It seems more likely they may simply have erroneously used McDonnell for an aircraft that pre-dated the Douglas, McDonnell merger.
  2. ErnieAlston

    PMDG C Series and MAX on horizon????

    There's a bit more to it than that, Boeing is effectively protecting its brand. There are rules that have to be followed (ex one is you can't show the aircraft in a bad position (ie like burned up)). You also may not even have a choice, Boeing may contact the dev and say , you need a license to continue doing what you are doing. There may also be a cost involved with the license. Its potentially a contributing factor to the increased cost of Aircraft addons people probably aren't aware of. But yes the Boeing official license likely does not mean any sort of official access to the Boeing technical expertise etc. But the licenses will differ.
  3. After the P3Dv4 release.
  4. ErnieAlston

    QW 787 User Manual is available for DL

    Maybe 5 or 6 years ago, but based on the recent releases , the study-sim price is closer to $95 today. PMDG 777 $90 PMDG 747 $90 FSLabs A320 $100
  5. ErnieAlston

    QW 787 User Manual is available for DL

    Its not a study sim, it won't be of any interest to you. For the bit less demanding types, I think they will enjoy it.
  6. ErnieAlston

    Ultimatewings 757 No VC/Lndg Gear

    The .gau size is your clue. That means something is interfering with the install of that file. Perhaps your ant-virus protection. A trick that might work is to run the installer, then watch the /gauges folder for the addition of a new file. Then quickly copy that .gau file to another location. Then when the install is complete copy it back. You might be able to capture the file before whatever restrictions on your system disposes of it. Its a long shot, but its worth a shot.
  7. ErnieAlston

    New Bombardier Challenger 605

    I can only assume you didn't read what I wrote very well. I did not say 'recover' the investment I said 'return' on investment (ROI). Since you obviously have a economics book somewhere I don't think I need to explain the difference to you. Really if you compare the FS addon market to the automobile industy there are some similarities. Premium cars have a much higher price than standard cars, they tend to have more features and functions ,and they take longer to manufacture than standard cars. But there's absolutely no way a Ferrari would be the price of a Toyota. Sure they'd sell a lot more cars but,they'd get a terrible return on their investment. And how do you know this ? what is your basis for this claim of highly elastic demand for the FS addon market ? Everything I know about the FS addon market (from my years of experience) , indicates the demand is not highly elastic. So I'm very interested how how you come to such a different conclusion.
  8. ErnieAlston

    747-8 Airport Display

    It will come with the product.
  9. ErnieAlston

    New Bombardier Challenger 605

    How do you come to this -WIN-WIN conclusion ? If you charge a premium product at an affordable price (ex $60), how are you getting a return on your significant additional development investment ?? The aircraft addon market is small,, you're not going to sell nearly enough units to make up for that sizable investment.
  10. ErnieAlston

    FS Labs A320 FSX release set for 18 Aug

    And there's the rub. People want more realism, for developers to provide more realism it takes more development time. If project takes more development time, they need a to get a good return on their investment for the larger risk.
  11. ErnieAlston

    This might be the biz jet I've been waiting for

    Biz jets typically don't sell like Airliners do, and they can't be priced to the PMDG level. They aren't planes most of us will fly on. They aren't planes most people see at their airport. They aren't flown by your favorite airline. They don't have your favorite airlines paint schemes on them. One would be very hard pressed to be able to sell a biz jet addon for $90 like PMDG. So a dev would have to be willing to put in the approx 2-3 years or so development time for a significantly lower return then they would get with a Airliner addon. The people who prefer the ''PMDG' style' should understand they represent the minorty or the market, not the majority. Its like any market, the premium customer is only going represent a fraction of of the market. Only a limited number of companies can be like Ferrari and Rolls Royce. The rest need to be like Ford, and Toyota to survive.
  12. ErnieAlston

    This might be the biz jet I've been waiting for

    So you are suggesting a developer to share their details on their upcoming project so other devs don't make the same competing product ? Sounds an awful lot like dibs to me. Perhaps you can explain the difference ? As myself (and Jim) have cited many examples where an announcement of a competing product did not result in a cancellation of the other. Like i said before there are risks on both sides, its the developers call either way. But isn't it better for the community to have a choice between 2 (or more) addons from different developers ? The two products likely will have different features and options and be at different price points. I mean if you want a good 737NG, but don't want to spend $70. Shouldn't you have the option to go with a cheaper version with less features if for example systems aren't so important to you ? Or if the reverse is true. Why shouldn't PMDG go ahead with their version of the same aircraft, even though some other developer already announced theirs ? There are quite a few people that have no problem paying a premium price for the higher level systems simulations. Why should everyone have to settle for the one choice ?
  13. ErnieAlston

    This might be the biz jet I've been waiting for

    I don't understand this view. Milviz had several products in their development pipeline (KA,P180,LJ60,C130, Heli ?) Are all the other developers supposed to say oh shoot Milviz has dibs on all those addons , we can't do any of them ? If you were a 3rd party dev and you wanted to do any of those products, wouldn't you look at how long that KA has taken and say. Oh wait, they could be a while we might be able to get ours to market first ? They're all taking a risk that another dev might take on a project they've started. ESDG did a Citation 10, it didn't stop FeelThere from doing their own. Level D announced their 757, it didn't stop CS, and QW from doing their own. iFly announced their 737NG, it didn't stop PMDG from doing theirs. AirSimmer did and Airbus, it didn't stop Aerosoft, or FSLabs from doing theirs. If you announce it, based on your development history you could encourage someone to do lesser detailed version to market before yours is released. Or cause another dev to hold back and delay theirs. If you don't announce it, you could be working on it at the same time as another dev and not even know it for several months if not years. Its a decision all devs grapple with, when to make that announcement. How often do we update ? , or do we say anything at all, etc etc. Just because a developer announces a work in progress doesn't mean they will actually complete it. There's tons of evidence of this around. Should a developer wait for years only to find out that dev who announced their product still hasn't completed it yet ? Its a calculated risk on both sides. That's the business we're in.
  14. ErnieAlston

    Gps/nav/ap - Switch For Feelthere Emb135

    It would have to be designed into the product to accomodate the default GPS. Its not something that could be added after the fact with most of the payware products with very custom autopilots. So this would likely not be possible with the feelthere EMB product.