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    Real Taxiways For MSFS


    With Real Taxiways you can now update over 1,000 Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports and with the Military version update over 100 Military airfields. 

    This program will greatly enhance many aspects of navigating airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator, adding a full complement of accurately placed real-world taxiway signs, with many new sign types and new sign textures. Signs are also more readable and match real-world fonts and sizes.  With Real Taxiways installed, destination signs match those on real-world charts, all obstructing signs and many lights are removed, closed taxiways are updated and signs added - and more!

    All the product details can be found on the respective product pages:
    Real Taxiways USA - Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports

    Real Taxiways USA - Military Airfields  

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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    Will the MSFS built in ATC give correct taxiway instructions after this is installed??



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