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  1. Bondi

    Engine starting problems

    Hi everyone! I'm a frequent user of this bird since it's release, completed hundreds of flights from cold@dark, never had any issues so far, until a couple weeks ago I couldnt properly start the 800's engines. After finishing the normal startup procedures, the engines seem to run properly, but they are unresponsive for any throttle lever input. I don't even see the small indicator moving around the engines display when moving the levers. With autothrottle on, engaging TO/GA the throttle levers start moving, but the engines don't spool up. I'm using CH throttles and registered FSUIPC, and after reading several topics with very similar problems, I gave it a try with and without using the axis through FSUIPC calibration. Nothing has changed in my config, I erased all failers, did the services through the FMC, nothing changed. I even erased the FSUIPC ini file's pmdg calibration section, recalibrated my joy. I tried to solve the problem by changing the basic FSX flight to the glider and default c172, same issue. Then decided to try out the different 737 models, and the 600 and 900 start up the engines properly, only the 700 and 800 doesn't. Finally did a reinstall of the base package, which didn't solve the problem. AT this moment I'm out of ideas. Any advices would be much appreciated.
  2. Bondi

    FS2Crew NGX User Poll

    I would love the voice mode, but my windows (hungarian) just does not handle english voice over at all :( Still the button mode is more than great, and gives a new experience to my flights.
  3. Thanks, but its not there:) And my versions are also mixed up, I think I'll just reinstall everything, hope that will solve it.
  4. Guys!Where am I supposed to find the #2 tutorial after installation? Its not where the #1 is, even my extended search didnt locate it.Thanks
  5. Bondi

    FS Build

    It does export,them to the PMDG/FLIGHTPLANS, and not to the PMDG/FLIGHTPLANS/NGX, but the NGX FMC reads the routes from both paths, so you should be able to see the plans.
  6. Bondi

    Rejected takeoffs (how to)

    Thanks, I was having paranoid issues by now touching the throttles during TOGA :(, but I'll definitely give this one a try!
  7. Bondi

    Rejected takeoffs (how to)

    Interesting, I cant get rid of them :) Everytime I set the throttles to 40%, and activate TOGA, I get an RTO before Vr. If I pull back the throttles to idle, and then toggle TOGA, I take off anf fly without any problems. Maybe the CH THr quad is generating spikes, but been calibrated several times already.Any ideas?