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  1. Daft as it may sound could this be a case its because the US is so large? For example flight time for me in the south of the UK would be an hour or two for the most capitals and only up to four for the rest. That would only cover two thirds of the US and I've not even thought of Canada. Do you have the same percentage of simmers re the population over there as we do in Europe? Vegas anyone, ummm nice idea but every time I think of the place I hear it's nickname "Lost Wages" chuckling in the background. Cheers Ron
  2. The windowed mode cures the problem and its no hassle putting it back to full screen as and when needed. Thanks for the tip, that saved me pulling my hair out.
  3. Thanks Stephen, I'll give that a try.
  4. Hi, I'm starting up FSX then linda kicks in. Once I've got my aircraft on screen and ready I'm alt tab to OPUS and running the FSserver. When I go back to FSX all I have is a black screen. Every thing seems to be OK, If I run the throttles I can hear them rev up, select a radio, again hear the voices. If I escape out and get the free flight menu I can then see that but hitting enter gives me the black screen again. Sometimes its kicked and all works OK but I've not figured out what does it, so can anyone tell me whats happening or where I'm going wrong. Thanks Ron ps If I start Opus first and then run FSX I get the same thing. Also happens on a manual start on a start of Opus or via FSUIPC.
  5. I have noticed that the OEW used by PMDG is 344224lbs while the Boeing document for airport planning give an OEW of 320000Lbs. Why is the PMDG aircraft so much heavier? All the other weights appear to broadly fit the Boeing document (http://www.boeing.com/boeing/commercial/airports/777.page) Rgds Ron
  6. Thank you Jon and George, That points me in the right direction to give it a go. Cheers Ron
  7. HI Jon, Thanks, I should have been a little clearer. Its for FSX. The background polygon is confirmed at the airfield reference height. The problem I want to sort out is that this then rests 20ft or so above the mesh scenery in the area for a large portion of the airfield boundary thereby showing cliff type borders rather than a smoother slope which is what I would prefer. I'm willing to give it a go if someone can point me in the right direction but the only bits I can find refer to sloping runways. I'm assuming that I might need to build terrain round these cliffs edges but I need to confirm that and also how does one blend it in with the airfield polygon (trial and error I think?). I have both Sbuilder and ADE (with prokey) to use. Cheers Ron
  8. Hi Folks, I can't seem to find anything that I can understand regarding sloping scenery. I have a scenery (Eiresim Shannon) which is at the correct altitude but is slight too high for the mesh and therefore sits on a plateau. How do I make a sloping flatten to make this more easy on the eye? Is it a case of making a surround or does it start from the centre of the airfield? Thanks Ron
  9. Hi, I purchased the MCP which arrived a few hours ago but dispite following the confusing instruction I seem to have only got so far with the running. When I start the MCP running I'm getting a display which is what my instruments are showing. not what I'm dailing into the MCP although when I use the Speed, Alititute and Heading knobs they do change the settings but I have to look at the screen to see what they are as the MCP readout is what the aircraft is at (hope this makes sense). Although I ran as per the manuals and the 737NGX comes up on the menu to be selected I'm not sure its working correctly as I don't have any VRInsight entry in my FSUIPC.ini file. I have changed my pmdg options file as per the VR info on their pages. Can any kind soul kick me in the right direction please. Oh and almost forgot. When the MCP is starting up it confirms its loading the PMDG 737 profile but then states "Display not auto flight control" Thanks Ron
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