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  1. Balint

    Drag Required

    One of the differences is that spoilers kill lift while flaps increase it. Spoilers distrupt the high speed - low pressure airflow over the top of the wing. During descent, it helps to achieve steeper descents for the same airspeeds or slower speeds for the same descent rate. On rollout, it helps the aircraft to stay on the runway by killing lift on the wings and it also helps to increase the efficiency of the wheelbrakes (less lift yields more weight on the mains resulting higher friction between the wheels and the runway). Or at least that's how I know.. Cheers,
  2. I'm always using V-speeds suggested by the FMC at the end of programming it. It has all the info needed: Airport, runway, weights, derates, assumed temps. Just out of curiosity: why do you need a separate application for an info already available? Is the FMC incorrect? Or are there any other circumstances that need to be taken into consideration? Thanks,
  3. The switch itself was in AUTO (guard closed). I remember messing around with that part of the AFT OVHD, so I switched to OFF and then on AUTO again and voila, message gone. Must have been a glitch, thanks! Cheers,
  4. Hey all, I'm getting a "STANDBY INVERTER" message on the Lower EICAS screen. I've looked up the FCOMv1 & v2, FCTM and QRH but all I could find is a section about backup electric system, nothing on the message. There are no failures active and the ELECTRICAL part of the overhead panel is configured as per the standard. The aircraft is powered on APU, GPU not connected. So I'm not sure what's going on, everything is functioning as expected, only this message is persistent. Any ideas? Nice in-depth detail, by the way.. Cheers,
  5. All I had to do is set the clouds in FSX from simple to detailed. Not sure how it effects the issue but now I'm seeing returns properly on the ND. Cheers,
  6. Hi FernandoWhat's the problem with the FDE, especially with the climb performance? I haven't noticed any problems with it so far.Cheers,
  7. Have you turned on "advanced animations" in the options section of FSX? As I recall, this should be always ON to correctly show visuals on 747X.Cheers,
  8. Sorry if you expected a solution in an answer, I can't point you right into the problem.Maybe you should check Windows' decimal settings.Also, might be a silly approach but, do you have any kind of antivirus program, port blocking, scanning, anti-cookie God-knows-what programs running in the background?Have you tried to run FS with FS-autostart? It's a nice program that shuts down all unnecessary processes of your PC when you start FS. You can find it here in Avsim library.Not much else comes up..Cheers,
  9. Nerd #2 here.There's so much stuff to do while it aligns itself..weather forecasts, loadsheet review, fuel load planning, departure procedure review, ...
  10. Ever wondered how small is the place you want to spend your time the most?Tell me it's not an addiction... :)Happy for ya!Cheers,
  11. OK so let's just stay with the /200ER merge for a while.How is that done in your case?I'm reeeeaaaaaallly interested... :)Thanks in advance,Cheers,
  12. Well I recently went into buying a certain 3-letter company's 777, as I'm a big fan of the T7. It was such a bad idea.No, I mean the product is okay, but it's just not THERE. The panel is OK, CDU, and even WRX, sounds great. But still flies and looks like a freeware.The other day I went out to test the flight dinamics, since I usually fly long hauls with full A/P and programmed CDU's, only T/O and landing is my time. I took off and started an uncoordinated hard left turn, stepped on the rudder pedal and 3 seconds later I found myself inverted in a T7 at 800 ft AGL.You have not seen a person uninstalling a product as fast as I did.I wish there was at least 3 PMDG's, so we would have lots of addons that are spot-on. Oh well, we still got one.Ever thought about developing a sim environment, guys? ;)Cheers,
  13. Although it seems rather promising, let's just wait until we see how it performs on our machines really. It is a pity that PMDG will not (how on earth could they, of course) present an Airbus up to their standards for FS9. I am so committed to PMDG, that I would go for their FS9 version, no matter what, if they would do one.Well-well...Cheers,
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