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  1. Balint

    Drag Required

    One of the differences is that spoilers kill lift while flaps increase it. Spoilers distrupt the high speed - low pressure airflow over the top of the wing. During descent, it helps to achieve steeper descents for the same airspeeds or slower speeds for the same descent rate. On rollout, it helps the aircraft to stay on the runway by killing lift on the wings and it also helps to increase the efficiency of the wheelbrakes (less lift yields more weight on the mains resulting higher friction between the wheels and the runway). Or at least that's how I know.. Cheers,
  2. Cool, thanks for the heads-up! Cheers
  3. I'm always using V-speeds suggested by the FMC at the end of programming it. It has all the info needed: Airport, runway, weights, derates, assumed temps. Just out of curiosity: why do you need a separate application for an info already available? Is the FMC incorrect? Or are there any other circumstances that need to be taken into consideration? Thanks,
  4. Balint

    Standby inverter message

    The switch itself was in AUTO (guard closed). I remember messing around with that part of the AFT OVHD, so I switched to OFF and then on AUTO again and voila, message gone. Must have been a glitch, thanks! Cheers,
  5. Balint

    Standby inverter message

    Hey all, I'm getting a "STANDBY INVERTER" message on the Lower EICAS screen. I've looked up the FCOMv1 & v2, FCTM and QRH but all I could find is a section about backup electric system, nothing on the message. There are no failures active and the ELECTRICAL part of the overhead panel is configured as per the standard. The aircraft is powered on APU, GPU not connected. So I'm not sure what's going on, everything is functioning as expected, only this message is persistent. Any ideas? Nice in-depth detail, by the way.. Cheers,
  6. Balint

    777 P3D version autobrake issue

    Hi, I have the same issue except I have both left&right brakes mapped to a single pedal movement through FSUIPC. I have set up FSUIPC so that it would not send any signals to P3D unless a certain value is met, just to rule out control spike and it's still happening. I'm setting autobrake 2 and no matter how far my legs are from the pedal, the autobrake system still disconnets the moment the mains touch the ground. I've checked and double checked values being sent by the pedal during these times and it seems control spike is not the issue. Haven't tried to rebulid FSUIPC yet and I don't have any other addon for P3D. FSUIPC is registered and latest version, PMDG 777-300ER is as well the latest. Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers,
  7. Balint

    Still amazed...

    Has this post ever appeared to anyone? There was an Avsim error while I was posting it.
  8. Balint

    Still amazed...

    Getting used to the sheer depth of systems simulation on the T7. I'm not even surprised to see the FWD L fuel pump being driven by DC when the pump switch is OFF and APU running, because that is how it operates on the real thing (as I see it in the manuals at least). What really blows me away, for example, is to see the EGT after shutdown of the engines. Put the fuel control switches to CUTOFF and watch the EGT decrease as there is no more burning of the fuel inside the engine. Then, when the fans stop rotating, put the fuel control switches to RUN again, just to see EGT readings and watch the EGT rise again! I guess as there is no more bypass airflow cooling the combustion chamber, the leftover heat slowly starts to dissipate resulting in an increase in temperature at the EGT measuring point. Watch it a little longer and the temperature reading will, indeed, start to decrease again. This is not systems simulation. This is attention to detail PMDG style.
  9. Balint

    777 comms radio freq increments issue

    You could have just use a different name. Make one up. Ohh. Never mind.
  10. Balint

    Weather radar manual mode...

    Thanks Kyle, makes sense. Weather radars, after all, do have the same function regardless of the airframe I guess.
  11. Balint

    Weather radar manual mode...

    I thought it was different too, sorry my bad..
  12. Balint

    Weather radar manual mode...

    Doesn't seem like a 777 with 4 cutoff switches
  13. Balint

    Rudder trim

    Thanks! The depth of realism of this addon never ceases to amaze me Cheers,
  14. Balint

    Rudder trim

    Thanks Kyle. I've cleared out all failures but the rudder trim was still set to 0.3R even after I clicked the manual trim cancel button. Is there a way to reset this? Cheers,
  15. Balint

    Rudder trim

    So I was practicing manual landings and low fuel situations in the 77W when the right engine had a serious failure (can't recall which item went out), oil temperature was rising and I decided to shut it down. Then landed immediately and did a maintenance via the CDU's appropriate menu. Then during the preflight checklist of the next flight I noticed that the rudder trim was to the right by 0.3 units. Checked the rudder trim indicator and it showed accordingly. I then clicked the manual trim cancel button but nothing happened. Then set the trim back to 0.0 manually, which looked OK, but then after pressing the manual trim cancel button, it went back to 0.3R instantly. It affeects taxi (I have set autorudder on in FSX as I don't have any pedals), but I didn't notice much of an effect in flight. I can't tell, really. What did I miss here? Thanks, cheers,