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  1. Delete the FSUIPC .ini file, it now works for me. I had this problem with FSX and looked back in the forums for it. It worked then and works now.
  2. The brakes work with my flight stick trigger button, but they are not working for auto brakes. My flight stick is the Thrustmaster. All other aircraft work fine, it is just the T7.
  3. using P3d version, with windows 8. Not sure what you mean by "hardware brakes".
  4. When ever I land the 777, the autobrake turns off as soon as I toucdown. No bouncing, just a good soft landing, or hard for that matter, either one. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  5. Does anybody know why I would be getting an out of memory crash when flying the 777s? Its the only aircraft that does that. After about 4 1/2 hours, I start getting what sounds like the windows error sound, that lasts for about a 1/2 hour then I get a pop us that says you have ran out of memory, please close FSX. I am using FSX and Windows 7 64
  6. But that don't tell me what the Leonardo MD82 does though.
  7. I have looked through out all of the manual, and I have not been able to find out what the maximum range of this aircraft is. Can somebody tell me what the max range of the Leonardo Maddog is?
  8. I don't know what was going on. I reinstalled and now it is working fine
  9. Yes the hydraulics are on, also re calibrated my flight stick, still no luck
  10. This is the only aircraft I have this problem with. It will not lift off the ground on takeoff. I have FSX and windows7 64. Everything is installed as run as adminstrator. Any help will be greatly appreciacted.
  11. Yes, I have tried a few different panel states
  12. Just KACARS which has always worked before. Yeah that was my next thought submitting a ticket be reinstall Thank you
  13. I can't think of anything that has changed. Like I said above it is odd, because when I try to change the fuel, the ZFW and Gross weight change, just the numbers for fuel quantity don't. I may have to uninstall and reinstall is I guess.
  14. In the properties/compatability The "Run as Admin" box is checked, yes.
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