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  1. Trelane,It can be uninstalled. At least Honolulu, which I purchased through them for 10 bucks can be. I have not used the uninstaller so I cannot comment on how well it works or how the originally settings are restored.Still interested in hearing from some others who have went ahead and purchased this or have had megascenery before. The demo I tried an and Honolulu look great. Yeah it looks grainy when flying low, but have you looked at the default textures? lol
  2. Well I posted this deal over at the my VA's forum... and got ALOT of negative reviews of the product (megascenery) in general.Lots of problems with the ground being tooo blurry. Pixelation problems while at airports etc etc.
  3. I am quite a stickler on FPS. I run at 30 locked and really do not like to see it dip. So much so that I don't really run add on scenery like cloud9.How are the megascenery titles on FPS?
  4. Thanks for 'releasing' it.
  5. I have thought about that, but have not tried that, Ray. I have two partitions now. One for windows and programs and the other for downloads/backups. I have tried installing programs to seperate partitions but in the past have come up with reg issues, etc so I try and avoid that.eI finally bought some imaging software (and got it working correctly), so when I get fs9/fsx and a few other games working correctly, I am imaging my windows partition.
  6. JD, I hate to bother you, but I think something is wrong with my request. I frequently (every couple of monthes) reformatt and usually have a response from a your automated server within hours with a new key. This time, I waited around 2 days, and resent. Still no key.Looked around the forums and decided to give my spams a check, nothing was in there. I also think that I am entering it correctly. I looked at my previous requests and the only difference is the number and the dash in front of the number. I just copy and paste from the auto generated email into my gmail - so everything should be fine there.Any other ideas? Thanks69531154 ! daniel ! hodnik
  7. Not sure what is going on - but the links from 'my files' on the PSS were not working.After fiddling around with the link provided (taking out www. and changing to .net - if i remember) I finally got it to work and downloaded the base installer.Ran it, and now it says unable to connect to data server.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.Dan
  8. since I bought the concorde last night...I would like to download it, but I get linked to an avsim server.I am guessing avsim is down for everyone? Just wondering if this is expected to be fixed anytime soon.dan
  9. Thanks for your responses - though im not sure if you guys are realizing my situation.I own a 7950gt ko - purchased it for about 300 bucks from newegg. I can step up via eVGAs step up program and trade it in towards a GTS or GTX. So basically I can get a GTS for current market price less 300 or GTX less 300.To say not to upgrade doesnt make sense - to me anyway.dan
  10. For the record - my 7950 gt ko is single core. And I only have one of them. So this would be going from a single core, 7950gt ko to a 8800 series (GTS or GTX).You can get two 8800s anywhere - newegg.com has good prices
  11. Hey guys. Recently built a computer with these, relevant specs.e6600 c2d2 gigs ddr2 800 ramOCZ 600w PSasus p5b delux moboeVGA 7950gt ko 512megthermaltake full size case xaser3 (card should fit)Monitor is a 26" @ 1280x720I went with the eVGA card as I prefer nvidia and eVGA has a step up program that within 90 days of purchase of original card, you can trade it in with eVGA for another product from them. Well my 90 days are up in about 2 weeks and it is time to get my upgrade.I would like to take advantage of this upgrade. I have spoken with a few people at the hard forums and they suggest either or. I really play only fs9 and would like to play some fsx if the performance jumps. Other games I play are bf2 and counter strike source. My options as far as I know are an 8800gts/8800gtx with various ram configs (not sure about at this point). With either card I will probably end up getting another 2 gigs of ram. If the GTS, probably by mid summer. If GTX probably around fall.Any ideas/opinions much appreciated!thanks,Dan
  12. On approach into LIMC - Works great!Thanks so much for your time!Dan
  13. Thanks! I think that did it. Rebuilt scenery DB and checked a copy of r4 and everything looks like its ready to go. Gonna get going on a long haul back to italy to check it out!Thanks again!dan
  14. Ronzie,I tried following your instructions but got hung up at this point..'Do for illustration Lists, Runways, and double click on 17L/35R open its properties. Notice that the ILS name for 35R is now blank. That's OK - not to worry. Close the properties and runway lists window.'Followed your instructions to this point - when I checked the properties the ILS ident remained IMA and did not change. The following picture is after I opened af2_limc, and changed 35r's ILS freq. I 'saved as', restarted afcad and here I am..http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l61/hodnik/23434.jpgThanks your help - but it doesn't look like I am having any luck. :0
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