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  1. Great service by Balthasar! Emailed me back within 15 minutes with a fix. All resolved 🙂
  2. Hi, Unfortunately I have tried that earlier 😞 Its very strange, I have used RT for 3 plus years. Finished a Sim session this morning no issues, shut down PC, when to reload to this evenings flights and it just keeps CTD. I have emailed Balthasar for support aswell. It literally wont get past the "Real Traffic loading" small box then CTD once that timebar completes.
  3. Hi Guys, I know this is not a forum for RealTraffic itself but conscious we are the main users of it so wanted to get a second opinion. I am finding this evening RealTraffic just wont play ball! I start it, it says loading Cache, then loading RealTraffic and just CTD without ever starting. Tried a couple of reinstalls but no luck. Anyone had this before? Any ideas? Many thanks in advance Regards Chris
  4. Hi Guys, I am officially out ideas and I know this is going to be a simple fix! How do I get helicopters to work on PSX, using P3dV5. I have a number within sim objects, checked category is Airplane but they are never showing. I cannot check the tick box for Helicopters when in the sim and checking the log it says no livery's available. Apologies if this is a simple process but I am stumped! Any help would be gratefully received. Regards Chris
  5. I think unfortunately this all stems from the Real Traffic changes. It was all nice and stable until Version 9 and now I feel like we are going to be into a significant troubleshooting phase.I know both PSX and Real Traffic designers just want to keep moving forward and always striving for better aspects to the product, a result of that will always be some hiccups on the way which hopefully can be ironed out soon.
  6. Hi All, There is certainly an issue regarding ground traffic. I have used this product for approx 3 years so I am comfortable with what I would have normally experienced and usage. I can confirm I have carried out the following whilst trying to troubleshoot: - Full clean reinstall of both PSXT and Real Traffic Launcher - FAQ #10 followed - Used at multiple airports at differing times. All of these are ones I have flown too for several years with the same software with good, stable ground traffic. Currently I am experiencing the following: KCVG - No ground traffic/ Learning at all. Clearly visible on other providers such as FR24 and previously worked fine VHHH - No ground traffic/ Learning at all. Same as KCVG, usually one of the best I had for ground traffic EDDP - Approx 10-20% of actual ground traffic appears for a short period then disappears. Same as KCVG re history, no issues at all. RKSI - Same as EDDP. A small amount of actual traffic appears, moves all over the place and not on the taxiways then just disappears OBBI - No ground traffic/ Learning at all. Same as KCVG, always used to have perfect ground traffic ops. (used to use it alongside Live ATC) All of this was carried out in PSXT not learner. I looked at the Real Traffic Map and nothing was showing on the ground. Aircraft would be on final then just before touchdown drop off both P3D and Real Traffic radar screen. On departure they would become visible when passing through about 1000/1500 ft. More than happy to test bits or post screen shots if this will help. Please just let me know.
  7. Is anyone else noticing this? I still never have any ground traffic since moving versions. Tried this now at over 5 airports that I usually use that would be full of ground movements before.
  8. Phew! Thought it was just me! Yes I am getting the same.
  9. I am noticing a similar issue. Appears to be the new data stream. I am getting almost no live ground traffic at all at a range of airports I would usually have it. I can confirm "Show GND TFC" is selected.
  10. Hiya, Apologies for the delay, work got in the way! Any luck on this? If there is anything I can do to assist/test just let me know. Regards Chris
  11. Hi all, Is there anyway to stop the chocks being automatically released following before start procedure/checklist? Problem I have very rarely is if I need to use a huffer to start her up because APU is inop it gets bit messy. Its all connected up but then auto removes chocks meaning I have to go through the whole disconnect/depart/put chock on/arrive/connect etc. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance 🙂 Chris
  12. ahh got it! Its my bad! I still had a 32bit BAT shortcut tucked away in my archive so thought I would give that a go as a last ditch. That worked straight away. Went back onto the main site and seen that as of yesterday (5th December) the 64bit version is now only for P3Dv5. Just FYI incase anyone else makes similar mistake to me! Regards Chris
  13. Tired that, no luck unfortunately 😞 Ive noticed my simulator is showing Red. So I have yellow for Data Provider and Red for Sim. Could it be the connection between sim and PSX thats actually doing it? Not changed anything other than update both real traffic and PSX today.
  14. Hi Guys, Carried out the mandatory update to Real Traffic today using version 8.3.83. Cannot get it to work at all now with PSX. No traffic showing up in the Real Traffic Screen and likewise the PSX app is showing Yellow and Red. If I change the Real Traffic setting away from PSXT to Spotter, I can see the traffic on the Real Traffic screen so is clearly still getting some sort of feed. Anyone else experiencing the same? Regards Chris
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