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  1. clipper759

    Ibiza X for FS9

    Timely post Dillon. Few days ago I saw that Qualitywings had ported their 757 to P3dv4 and also offered what is advertised as a bundle of sorts of all the other versions (FS9,FSX,FSX-se, P3Dv1&2). All now for sale at Flight1 for quite a low price. I'm generally not a fan of "Lite" aircraft sims, but thought why not. Purchase went fine, then I ran the "bundled" installer and to my surprise the only version not offered was FS9. Going directly to the Qualitywings website one finds full installers for download available as well, bar one, FS9. Flight1 suggested I contact Qualitywings via their support forum, which I did. Three days ago now, still awaiting a reply. Long story short, I feel your pain.
  2. Striker, have you ever flown a multi-engine plane before!?

  3. clipper759

    FS9 (FS2004) New KPHX Sky Harbor

    First off, Bravo Mitch! PHX is my home airport and I love what you've done with the place. Many thanks for your work. Ted, as for your issue, I flight checked the ILS26 last night in the Level D 767, it was dead on. Send me a PM if you like and I'll send you my AFD, maybe it will help. Cheers, Lee
  4. clipper759

    Approach to landing.

    What is your speed at intercept Ernie? That can make a difference. Not just Indicated, but also often overlooked groundspeed.
  5. clipper759

    Real Weather still working?

    I run Active Sky Evolution for FS9 Scott and it works fine. I seriously doubt Microsoft is still running the server for FS9 WX, but over the years it has gone down from time to time. Maybe give it a few days and check again.
  6. As the RSW VORTAC is located on the field it makes an easy transition. These were once very common if the terrain and navaids allowed it. The transition flies you onto the localizer outbound and you should be "cleared for the approach". At TROPC you execute the mandatory holding pattern reversal and go right back in for the ILS. Just another way to get there "own nav", with the added benefit of allowing the controller to be lazy. Cheers.
  7. clipper759

    FS9 Level-D767

    Have you tried running the Flight1 registry repair utility? The issue you describe can be related to a corrupted registry.
  8. clipper759

    Favourite Carenado Aircraft

    Considering the C90B for FS9. Anyone have thoughts on it?
  9. The actual modeling of the three engine variants is part of the -400F expansion in FS9. I found that alone justified the purchase. Cheers,
  10. Thanks Bill. Going to pick up Lajes from Tropical Sim. Never tried their sceneries before, figure that would be a good start.
  11. clipper759

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Sure thing Mark. Send them over when you get a chance. My email hasn't changed. Cheers,
  12. clipper759

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Hi Mark! Wonderfull to see you painting the 747 again, and taking the time to do FS9 versions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Hope all is well and looking forward to the new paints. Cheers, Randy
  13. Nice paints Matt. Wish United would buy some -8i's.
  14. clipper759

    New -400 repaints available

    Hi Mark, Sorry for the delay. Work has had me on the road alot. Sent you an email on the Southern/ANZ conversions. They look good. If Peter wants to help with more conversions that would be great. After all you have so many excellent paints that need to be converted for us FS9 holdouts. Thanks for all your work Mark. Cheers,
  15. clipper759

    New -400 repaints available

    Hi Mark, Sent you a PM. I think doing a tutorial on FSX to FS9 coversions is a great idea. It really isn't difficult once you get the hang of it. Cheers, Randy