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  1. Colin, I found the addition of several older versions of MS visual C++ redistributable eliminated my issues after an HDD failure. I currently run no less than seven versions of it dating back to 2005 and as new as 2019. Just a thought.. Lee
  2. That business has been going on for sometime now at Simmarket. Not sure if the developers are even aware of it. In any case, hope they show back up. I'd like to get a few myself.
  3. After you input WX, try updating the sim clock. Always works for me.
  4. Greetings Bert, Can you list some system specs? Which Nvidia drivers you are running perhaps? What specific CFG file tweaks have you made, and have you tried undoing them? You can use Administrative Tools via the Control panel in Windows to find the specific file that's faulting, all would be helpful information.
  5. The last thing you need to do is apologize Mitch. Your hard work and contributions to the lost art of Freeware benefit us all, and cost us nothing. I, for one, am happy with any work you present us. I think I speak for many when I offer our most sincere gratitude. Lee
  6. No issue here Ted. Running ASE build 709, WIN 7 x64.
  7. Looks even better with a Mad Dog in the foreground. You're the best Mitch. Hope you'll consider KAUS next. Lee
  8. The FS9 version Config. manager only "proposes" takeoff fuel so you have MAC & trim settings for your loading. You have to set the fuel manually in FS9 after start up. This is normal behavior.
  9. As John said, Windows is logging the fault. Which version of Windows are you running? You can use the Control Panel to access the logs via Administrative Tools-Event Viewer-Applications. At least then you will know what is faulting.
  10. The PMDG 737NGX does not support FS9. It appears the Flight1 ATR-72 has both an FS9 and an FSX version, are you sure you're using the correct version?
  11. I couldn't paint the broadside of a barn with a fire hose, but that was delightful to watch. Thanks for sharing.
  12. This solved the problem for me. As to why this problem seemed to come from nowhere, that only Microsoft knows.
  13. Timely post Dillon. Few days ago I saw that Qualitywings had ported their 757 to P3dv4 and also offered what is advertised as a bundle of sorts of all the other versions (FS9,FSX,FSX-se, P3Dv1&2). All now for sale at Flight1 for quite a low price. I'm generally not a fan of "Lite" aircraft sims, but thought why not. Purchase went fine, then I ran the "bundled" installer and to my surprise the only version not offered was FS9. Going directly to the Qualitywings website one finds full installers for download available as well, bar one, FS9. Flight1 suggested I contact Qualitywings via their support forum, which I did. Three days ago now, still awaiting a reply. Long story short, I feel your pain.
  14. Striker, have you ever flown a multi-engine plane before!?

  15. First off, Bravo Mitch! PHX is my home airport and I love what you've done with the place. Many thanks for your work. Ted, as for your issue, I flight checked the ILS26 last night in the Level D 767, it was dead on. Send me a PM if you like and I'll send you my AFD, maybe it will help. Cheers, Lee
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