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  1. Yes it is fixed now, server was down. Thank-you for the replies.
  2. Hi, Anyone running the above having the above problem with ASE. Have not been able to connect . Keep getting weather download error "The magic number in gzip header is not correct, failed to download. Running win7-64. Thank-You
  3. That's interesting. I just installed imaginesims KCVG. I do not have Malwarebytes installed but have spyhunter installed but it is disabled. This is driving me nuts. If I restore disc to Nov.2nd all works fine. Nov 3rd and out of memory. KCVG works fine ?
  4. Hi, Never had a problem with fs9 with this problem before. After the dst change on sat nite, I turned on computer sunday morning and started fs9. It started generating scenery index's and then the scenery cfg as it has always done when the time change. This time right ater this fs9 did not do anything and I got the message your computer has run out of available memory and it exits right away. I have plenty of memory and hdd space. I had my last backup on Nov 2nd prior to time change and reinstalled the total backup of entire disk and restarted and fs9 worked fine. Changed the date to today Nov 4th and fs9 went through the entire process again and same result as before-your computer has run out of available memory. Anybody have a clue where to begin to debug this ? Also prior to doing the complete disc backup I tried restoring only the fs9 folder which was 69 gb. Thank-You
  5. Nice job Mitch, very accurate. I live in State College, Pa which is in central Pa and have been there many times.
  6. Great work Mitch. Wondering if anyone has any problems with the AF2_KPHX.bgl. Just tried Runway 26 ILS approach and localizer was centered on the taxiway. I opened the file with ADE and checked the navaids that showed on fsnav as 111.75 and 258* and ADE indicated that there are none on any of the runways and all have closed starts. I have no other AF2's of KPHX. Any idea's. Thank-You for your work
  7. https://serving.photos.photobox.com/2480535007e239787552fce40a072620b108441250f857732bfcd3850f10644713b31a09.jpg
  8. Hi, Have the above aircraft which I have had for many years. This plane ran perfectly on my system which is Win7-64. I have a panel mod which uses purchased Realityxp gauges. I made the mistake of running the new Wrapper but didn't install. It produced a new . lic file. Guess what now the aircraft doesn't work. The plane loads up fine but the DF gauges are blacked out and the engines shut right down.I uninstalled my anti-virus,dep turned off and firewall is turned off. I tried a reinstall of the plane with the same result. I contacted Flight1 but the aircraft is not their aircraft and Dreamfleet support gone-miss Lou. I had this happen before and it was a .lic problem on an FSD aircraft. I tried a replacement of the DF gauges that worked before to no avail. The Flt1chk2,3,4 dll file are installed in the Syswow64 under the C:/windows folder which they were before.This is the same hdd I have had. I have been trying to solve this for 2 weeks now. Just for the heck of it I purchased the same aircraft with the lite version with the same result.I know the wrapper 3.03 new version with the new Encripted Wrapper is prenventing a problem. I have the Dreamfleet' A-36 Bonanza and It works fine. Anyone that has this running on the same system win7- 64 have an idea. I have 70 products with Flight1 and asked for a older wrapper or direct download but no avail. This was my favorite aircraft. Thank-You
  9. More information-This scenery works in all other seasons except winter. Has to be a winter texture? Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
  10. Hi, Have been trying to get this great scenery working for days at no success. I must be doing something wrong. Followed the directions and put the DoverPhoto Real Textures into the FS9/scenery/world/texture as instructed because this would cause a CTD. I get a CTD as soon as I load KDOV or fly close to this area. Anyone have this problem or might have had this, any help would be appreciated. Thank-You
  11. Found problem - I had my default flight set when Daylight saving time was still effective. Reset default flight to now and all is fine. But still going to purchase FS Realtime. Thank-You
  12. Hi, Have a problem with my time being 1 hr behind when changing airports within the same time zone. I load my default flight which has the correct system time, but when I change locations within the same time zone the time is always 1 hr. behind. Thank-You
  13. Hi, Have the wonderful Portland KPDX 2010 scenery by Sidney Schwartz and Peter Ham. Does anyone have a fix for runway 28L ILS ? The file is KPDX_ADE9_PH.bgl. Thank-You
  14. Please do. I bought this twice thinking my download was corrupt. I purchased through simmarket and even though I did have the download available. Please send me a copy of your corrected textures. This is an excellent scenery. I flew for Horizon Air and we flew the Q-400's into there from Portland. My e-mail-tstewart100@comcast.net
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