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  1. Mitch, I totally understand the frustration. I would be absolutely willing to help you on this any way that I can, just need to find some time. Saturday mornings and/or Monday nights are usually my free days (ah, the life of being a bartender as a 2nd job). Let me see when I can free up some time. I think I have a couple of ideas of how to do this, maybe PM would be best, but let me get back to you here in a day or two if that works for you?
  2. Mitch, Thank you so much for your kind words. Made my day! I completely understand of the time constraints. I haven't even turned on my rig for 4+ months as I took a second job and if I am not at one job, I'm at the other. I do need to thank you for your contributions to our sim world, your airports are outstanding! I'd say don't give up quite yet. Once you get one installed, you'll see what I am talking about for ease of use. I would stay away from the major airlines, especially Delta, at first. Too many repaints and models needed until you get the hang of it. I would try Porter, Allegiant, maybe Hawaiian, small easy to install plans. Let me know if you need anything. Thanks again!
  3. This one by chance in the library? autower240.zip
  4. I know a few of his vfr enhancements require QLRP4UT. And that link is now broken. You wouldn't have those files would you? Thanks!
  5. Hey Mitch, Wondering if you don't have a conflict going on here with another scenery. Was it just terminal 3 showing duplicates? Or the entire airport? What happens if you delete the scenery entry, close Flight Sim, open Flight Sim, add KLAS again and leave it as the number 1 scenery, aka don't move it down, restart again and try a flight? For some reason I have the same issue with FSDT O'hare, and I have to keep it at the top of my scenery library. If I move it down anywhere, the default scenery bleeds through.
  6. It hasn't worked in years. Try this here as freeware : https://www.fsrealwx.de/index.php
  7. Yup, these models work and look great! Yes, you are correct they go in the aircraft folder. I'm betting the reason you are seeing 3-4 times mentioned is it is a package of more than 1 repaint. Look at Frontier for example, some of those packages have 30+ repaints. They may be made for P3D but can be used in FS2004 with a simple .bat converter, which we havent covered yet. That's why again, I would highly recommend searching "Alpha India Group" here on Avsim for some older plans where you can install FS2004 specific paints first and automatically through AIFP which will give us a good base and cause less searching and converting later on. I think I'm your situation, jumping straight into 2021 plans is going to be more time consuming and frustrating. Here is a good tutorial link I pulled up for you (Ignore everything about Ttools and most model downloads, these have all mostly been upgraded since this was published) https://www.atlanticsunairways.com/fleet/aitutorial/aitutorial.html Can you do me a favor? For a quick and easier install, please download from avsim, search for aig_allegiantair_summer_2018.zip This will get us Airbus a320, and since you use WoA, the MD80 you should already have installed
  8. Mitch For Amazon Prime, I am thinking off of the top of my head you need the 767 and 737 model? Please go here for both: https://fsxaibureau.com/manufacturing/
  9. Mitch, Good news! And you actually can start using it. Search Alpha India here on Avsim under fs2004 flight plans section and all of their 2018 and older stuff is posted here. Pick some small airlines like Air Canada Jetz for example. This will give us a good starting base and you will be able to see how this program works. I'm around most of the day as I took the day off work so I can help.
  10. Hi Mitch, Did you download AIFP from here :http://stuff4fs.com/open.asp?Folder=AIFP&JS=TRUE? AIGTech - AI Manager is the wrong program. that is for P3Dv4 and up. For the repaints and plans, i need you to go to https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=36329.msg363638#msg363638 (must be logged into AIG) and download that Delta file. Inside will be links all the repaints and models you need. However, please keep in mind it mostly points to FSX repaints and models, so we will have to search for our own. It may be easiest to start with a 2018 or earlier plan, which will point to FS9 stuff, install it so we have a base, THEN install newer plans so that we have way less searching and modifying. If you start this project this weekend, I will be around and will be more than happy to walk you through some setups till you get the hang of this.
  11. Hi Mitch, I understand your hesitation. It can be very overwhelming at first. Especially the Alpha India forums. They just changed the look as well about a month ago, and I am still getting used ot that. However, if you are still using all WOAI installed plans, they are far outdated, as are the models. If I remember correctly, a lot of those used AI Aardvark models. While great for the time, they have been surpassed by newer freeware models from FAIB. Also, the only freeware MAX model was released by AIA a little while ago, so unless you install that, you will not have access to that, as well as some FSP/SBAI models like the A359 and A220. As for point and click installs, well, unless we are running P3Dv4 and up, which we obviously aren't, it just isn't happening. Now, having said that, if setup correctly, AIFP can do that for you, you just need to download the plans from the "Release" section on Alpha India Forums. So if you are starting fresh: 1. Download and Install AIFP 2. Read the manual. 3. Reread the manual. Cannot stress this enough. 4. Download your desired plan from the previously noted section. We will use the newest Delta plan from Summer 2021 as an example. 5. Load this plan into AIFP 6. Now this is where it will get tricky. For us FS2004 users, these plans will work, however the repaints all point to FSX and above textures, so point and click wont work here. 2 options * Download plans from 2018 from here on avsim. This will then give you point and click capabilities as long as you have the models installed. This becomes an absolute breeze and you should be able to install in no more than a minute or 2. However, you wont have A220's and your plans are 4 years out of date * Keep 2021 plans, manually install models needed and repaints needed. Can be a little searching for the right repaint for the right model. HOWEVER, you can use FSX and P3D paints for almost every model, just need a simple bat converter. (I'm at work so I cant remember the name off the top of my head. 7. Once all repaints are installed that you want, just hit compile and presto, you have installed new plans. Really, once the models are installed, it goes be easily, even if done manually, as then you are just looking for repaints.. As more developers have given up the ghost so to speak on FS9, we have to continue to evolve our plan installations. I hope some of this helps. I know you'll have questions and don't hesitate to reach out. I highly suggest also to check out MAIW. All military is there and is installed even easier than World of AI. Also look for and download all of the Ultimate GA packages here on avsim so you will at least have some representation of that part of aviation. Though I have personally replaced most of that with newer plans and models, for your needs, I think it will suit you just fine.
  12. AIFP available on Alpha India forums, as well as all of the available flightplans off of that same site will have everything you'll ever need for commercial and GA. MAIW will have everything in nice packages for military. Still constantly updating everyday. TTools is a bit outdated compared to AIFP, and I would highly recommend that program instead. Then it will be time to update your paking at each airport!
  13. Here's what I pulled from Alpha India discussion. It mainly discusses AI, but note the point on FlyTampa Sceneries. Also note the part about never mipping AI Aircraft Lights and making sure ALL DXT3 textures have an Alpha Channel. Mip maps are essential for textures to be rendered properly in FS - the graphics card is looking for them, when it doesnt find them, it in effect "panics" and applies filtering on them, which is one of the main causes of shimmering.Its hard to imagine, but if you think of an eye viewed sideways - wide at the front and coming to a point at the back. Imagine the graphics card as that eye, different textures are hitting the edges of that eye from different distances, from close up they will be big and hit the edges at a large size, but as they get further away they hit the edges of the eye further back, therefore they need to be smaller to remain in focus. This is exactly what mip-maps do.Hard to imagine I know without a diagram.One of the reasons FlyTampa sceneries run so well is all their textures are mip-mapped.DXT1 with mips and DXT3 with mips are truly SDK compliant texture formats, 32bit with no-mips certainly is not !I have mipped all my AI textures and I cannot believe the difference. No stutters whatsoever, even at Heathrow, and the textures are fabulously smooth, not a shimmer to be seen.If at anytime you see a texture that has blurred, using the + or - key will get it to sharpen up immediately.Lightmaps should not be mip-mapped, neither should VC textures for flyable aircraft.Also during my research I found that converting from 32bit to DXT3 in DXTBMP sometimes removes the Alpha Channel. Having a DXT3 texture with no alpha channel is the biggest single cause of stutters you could imagine.I have been through every single AI texture I have (yes really !) and I could not believe how many textures I have downloaded that do not have Alpha Channels. No wonder my system was stuttering like streaming video on dial up.All my releases in future will be full SDK compliant textures, so DXT3 format with mip maps.If you wish to remove them then that can be done easily with DXTBMP.One final thing, I found out that using imagetool to add mips in a batch command would remove the alpha channel if the alpha was white - so you have to do it individually or using DXTBMP.
  14. Hi Mitch, I'll see if I can pull it up, but there was a big discussion on Alpha India forums about what to mip and not. As I recall, any lights should stay as is, whether scenery or aircraft or panel, etc etc. So that is what I have always gone by. I have a program, mipmap checker or something, I am at work and don't know off hand, that I run sceneries through and I don't mess with any LM ones and I haven't had any trouble. I did do a few FlyTampa sceneries completely when they first came out, and I had to re download because it messed up everything. TL:DR I wouldn't touch the LM's in my humble, non factual opinion.
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