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  1. SteveLewis

    PMDG Operations Center

    Never mind. Third time was a charm. Installed now. Thanks for your help Steve Lewis
  2. SteveLewis

    PMDG Operations Center

    I followed the directions to uninstall/install outlined and after deleting the NGX from my FSX simulator, I get the following when I attempt to install the 8900 NGX: Runtime Error! Program....PMDG_737_8900_NGX\PMDG 737 8900 NGX Base Package FSX.exe abnormal program termination What now, now that I don't have the PMDG NGX any longer? Steve Lewis
  3. SteveLewis

    PMDG Operations Center

    It's my sign in name why do I have to repeat it? i.e., SteveLewis = Steve Lewis signed, Steve Lewis I downloaded both the and and ran them as "Repair". I don't have the Operations Center in my Start Menu. Do I have to reboot my PC or something? Steve Lewis
  4. SteveLewis

    PMDG Operations Center

    Thanks Um, my "full" name is Steve Lewis.....
  5. SteveLewis

    PMDG Operations Center

    I don't see where to download the latest version without having to pay again. Can you guide me to the proper place?
  6. Didn't think of that. FSX jsut gets better 'n better with GEX & UTX.
  7. Nick, I couldn't get the pic any larger due to Avsim's size limitation but if you look at the spot view above, what are the dark grey lines (roads) parallel to the UTX roads? In the forground it looks like there are 2 roads in parallel -- one dark and one light.
  8. Spot view in previous post.
  9. Nick, I followed your instructions to the "T". See attached. WOW. Not 100% perfect as in dual core stuff but just WOW. I haven't even done your REGEDIT stuff yet -- just what you pointed out above. This flight was out of Naples, FL again and now at 3-4,000 ft it is so real. I had the fps locked at 24 and was getting 23.9 looking out of my 2D cockpit (see pic #1). In the spot view it was a little less (18.9 or so) but who's complaining??? Thanks a million. I will be doing the rest of your "fixes" later in the week when I can get about 2 hours to do them. I'll report back then.
  10. Nick, Not a lot of time tonight to work on it but I did download both the MS Hyperthread hotfix and the DirectX update. I also downloaded the O&O v8.5 defrag and ran my C drive through it. I will reboot now and try to get the other stuff done tomorrow.Steve
  11. Nick, Thanks for the info. I will be work on this this evening. I should have told you the following, however: 1) I have a single core 2.8Ghz P4 so the hyperthread/dual core is N/A. 2) I have a 19" CRT 3) I do not use the virtual cockpit 4) I always fly the 2D cockpit in Full Screen mode 5) I use a free commercial defrag program (can't remember the name right now) and not the XP version. I defrag at least every 2 days.I have downloaded Nhancer and will follow your instructions on it.Again, thanks for all the help. I will let you know how these changes work out.Steve
  12. I must have copied the Weather tab twice. Here is the Traffic tab. My airline traffic is at 70% for airlines and 0% for GA. All of my AI was imported over from FS9 with the Traffic.bgls converted to FSX.
  13. Nick, I'm on XP SP2 and my PC was custom built for me. It's at least 3 years old and I just recently installed the 2.8Ghz chip. I had a 2.4 but saw that GEXen had a minimum requirement of 2.6Ghz. I tried Enhancer earlier but didn't see any improvement. Probably didn't work with it long enough. I will re-download it. My flights are and have been stutter free and I am pretty happy with it if I can get 15 fps. You're right in that it's not the fps it's the smoothness and blurry free experience that counts. Until I installed UTX I didn't have blurried views so I guess it will come down to tweeking the rig to get as much out of it as I can or just not using UTX. When you post your list I will set it up and follow it. I'll be out of town tomorrow all day but I will get on it on Monday if not late Sunday night. Thanks for all of your help.
  14. Here are the 5 settings pages. May look like I'm trying to get too much out of my rig but the 6th shows a test flight I took this morning out of Naples, FL. Frame rates were in the mid 20s.
  15. I just moved it back to 70. Tomorrow I'll try it at 40 or so. Thanks, Nick.