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    AI aircraft traffic

    Ah - the missing piece of the puzzle was to copy the Flight One Software folder from FSX into Prepar3D and copy (from FSX to Prepar3D in the users\username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\) and edit the exe.xml file to 'point' to the UT2services.exe file
  2. grajay

    AI aircraft traffic

    Oops - thanks.
  3. grajay

    AI aircraft traffic

    Very many thanks for that. :smile:
  4. grajay

    AI aircraft traffic

    I'm not that clever with how to do this. Can someone give a step by step please? Thanks very much Graham
  5. As a Mac user (I took the step in 2011) one of the first things I did was to install Bootcamp and Windows 7 so that FSX would run on it. I did look at X Plane but just couldn't bring myself to abandon FSX.
  6. Yes and no. If you use a headset then the new clip attachment (costs extra) does away with the need for a hat - otherwise some kind of headgear is needed. Track IR used to supply one free but I don't know if that's still the case.
  7. grajay

    New View/Air Traffic problem

    Thanks (once again) Nils for your reply. Indeed I do have the traffic explorer enabled but I was curious as to what (if anything) was wrong with the View mode itself. I agree that Traffic Explorer is a better option.Thanks again.
  8. If I select Views/New View or View Mode/Air traffic I get a list that appears to go out of sight at the bottom of the screen. I know there are a lot more aircraft available as only Airbus and a few Boeings are showing. I've tried scrolling but that doesn't appear to work. Is there a key command or combination of keys that will allow me to scroll further down this list please?
  9. grajay

    Smoke effect for FSX?

    Well I followed your instructions Nils but although it appeared to have said that the effect was installed to my AI aircraft when I checked around I couldn't see anything had changed in the aircraft.cfg files etc - Then I used the translate gadget which showed that I had to select the aircraft I wanted to install the effect and then (I hope) click the button below. That semms to have done the trick - and the effect appears very well in FSX.Thanks again.
  10. grajay

    Smoke effect for FSX?

    Thanks again Nils - I'll give this a try.
  11. grajay

    Smoke effect for FSX?

    Thanks again Nils - I installed the package and tried the effect in a PAI aircraft. I got quite a good smoke effect although a but the smoke is a bit odd looking once the aircraft was at altitude. I shall now experiment and see how I can change things. Unfortunately I don't think this will be a successful package for all my AI aircraft because adding the panel.cfg and panel folder then makes the aircraft appear in the Select Aircraft in FSX (unlike FS9 when a tweak of the air file could make the aircraft invisible) and so adding a panel/panel.cfg folder to ALL my AI aircraft would make loading and changing user aircraft just about impossible.Thanks once again.
  12. grajay

    Smoke effect for FSX?

    Thanks Nils - I'll give it a try.
  13. grajay

    Smoke effect for FSX?

    >Do you mean engine heat shimmer effect? I got a message some>time ago from nick,he said it definitely will not work in FSX.>I'v searched all over for this,no luck.Saw it on a video>someplace,looked very effective. If you find anything let us>know.Thanks for confirmation that it won't work in FSX - at least I now know I'm not going mad.
  14. Is there one? I've tried adding Nicks Smoke Effects (excellent in FS9) but nothing shows in FSX so I'm guessing that there's a difference in how the two sims handle effects.Has anyone managed to do this please?Thanks
  15. grajay

    Full Screen or Windows View ?

    I get a significant increase 30-40% in frame rates using full screen.