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  1. Arismac

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    The Bristol Britannia by Jens Kristensen flies again after crashing and burning in P3D v2.x. A History of Flight group should be ecstatic.
  2. Arismac

    Do clouds move with the wind?

    Plus a BIG one, Jeroen.
  3. Arismac

    Alabeo Cutlass RG

    My Saitek panel AP works perfectly. Have just completed two ILS landings without a problem. Great little aircraft. Mac
  4. Arismac

    Any of you miss FSDiscover?

    I have even got FSDiscover running in FSX on an old computer. FSX only exists so I can use FSD. I then export the plans into V2.2. Sad isn't it? Enough said ... Mac
  5. Arismac

    Anyone Beta testing SLI ?

    I ran a series of tests on my rig with SLI on/off and without being highly technical, because I am not, there is very definitely a performance boost using the hack that LM provided for using SLI. Sliders 20/30% higher and reduced stutters but not eliminated. Simply switching SLI on and off without the hack has virtually no performance effect on my machine. Mac.
  6. Arismac

    How to find the:Prepar3D.cfg file?!?

    Two ways to the same destination I think, Mitch? Mac
  7. Arismac

    How to find the:Prepar3D.cfg file?!?

    I do not believe that MyTraffic is yet approved for v2.2. Having said that the only way I know of to overcome this problem is to open Notepad and save it blank to the P3D v2.2 folder as "fsx.exe". Worked for me. Mac
  8. Arismac

    iFly 737NG Looks Great in P3DV2

    I don't know yet but I can tell you this, it is the first time I have been able to get an FMC/CDU to work the way it is supposed to on the tutorial flight, at my first attempt. But I am far from being and expert, just a drip under pressure. :lol:
  9. Arismac

    iFly 737NG Looks Great in P3DV2

    My frame rate fell about 20% when in the VC. Virtually no change in the 2D. I am using SLI Mac
  10. Arismac

    Affinity mask setting?

    LOL ... I am using SLI now and have my AM set to 1364 which lifted my FPS by about 25%. Between the two, SLI and AM, I have an improvement of at least 50% in overall performance. Mac
  11. Arismac

    FTX/Orbx and P3D V2

    The short answer is that ONLY, FTX (Orbx) Global has been released for Prepar3D v2.0 at this time. Orbx will release further scenery areas and airports as they become available. Perhaps check out and bookmark this LINK so that you will know exactly when and what Orbx have released for P3D2.
  12. Arismac

    Affinity mask setting?

    Good news for me then for P3D, Bill. Thanks for the info on the SLI setup. I have both cards plugged in and the bridge/link in place but had not gone past that as I was told that SLI would not be applicable for P3D just yet. I only have two cards because I brought one and my GF also brought me a present.
  13. Arismac

    Affinity mask setting?

    Sorry Bill should have posted this originally
  14. Arismac

    Affinity mask setting?

    Yup that is what I thought too, Bill. However the menu choice "Configure SLI, ... " has been replaced on my NVIDIA Control Panel by the line "Configure Surround, PhysX". Which perhaps means there is no longer a "Disable SLI" choice available. I guess it is time to go to the dreaded NVIDIA Forum.
  15. Arismac

    Affinity mask setting?

    Many thanks for your prompt reply, Bill. Is there a simpler way than pulling the bridge between the two cards? or should I simply take the bridge off and leave it off for now?