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  1. Everything was working fine until I upgraded to P3D V3.1. I have a Saitek Yoke and throttle quadrant. I use FSUIPC for the axis's and Linda for the buttons. I have set up the button at the bottom of the throttle lever to DECR thrust on select and same for repeat. On release sets the throttle to 0. This was working fine. Since 3.1 it works until the release and it sets the throttle to zero but then pulls the reversers back again. Move the lever down and back and same thing over and over. Can't keep it out of the reverser. I deleted the assignments and it stopped. Could not figure out how to stop it so removed them out of Linda and put the exact same thing into FSUIPC and that works fine.
  2. Did you install the latest ORBX libraries? This fixes some elevation issues in some places.
  3. Get the latest ORBX libraries and install those. I found that doing that fixed all my issues with scenery. I too was running OBRX global and Vector.
  4. Okay got it working. Looking at the log it said it could not find the mcp-config2 file even though it was there. Must have been corrupt or something. Installed it again and no difference. Then downloaded the file again and installed it and everything fine. Strange because there was no zip errors and it was just the profile I re-installed.
  5. I am having troubles. I installed the P3D version of the NGX and at first Linda would not recognise the plane when loaded. I managed to manually load the NGX profile and all the display on the MCP came to life. However nothing I did on it reflects on the plane. I can wind any dial and nothing changes at all. Change it on the plane and the display is updated fine. After a while there starts to be garbage on the display. The COM part of it seems to be working. Using the default FSX profile works with the default planes okay so the panel is working and the coms is working okay. Just wondering if anyone else is using the NXG profile with the P3D version of the PMDG738 and if they have any issues. I know there are changes because the Ezdok cameras I had for the FSX version are misplaced in the P3D version.
  6. Okay thanks. Just said graphics updated to match MCP2 so took that to mean all of them. No worries.
  7. Yep have done that. Double checked it to make sure. Mine is set as MCP2 (Boeing), COM4. However the MCP page still shows the V1 graphics. I have Linda loaded without FSX just to check the setup. Does this matter?
  8. You say graphics have been updated to match MCP2. However on ine the User panel looks wrong. You have a switch just below the mod and rotary. On my MCP2 the rotary has a push button to the right, one underneath it, and one below to the right. Everything else looks good.
  9. The NGX of course. I have mapped to On Press FSX:Throttle1 Decr On Repeat FSX:Throttle1 Decr and OnRelease FSX:Throttle1 Set 0 So once I have pulled the throttle back to the button it should spoil up the reverser to maximum and then when it releases off the button sets the engine to idle to cancel the reverser. Same for Throttle2. Worked a treat using the Buttons in FSUIPC but is very slow via Linda. It does get there so is working but way too late. It is on Line 629 on mine? I did download the latest version as well. Anyway I found it and will try if sec10 > 1 then, first. Thanks.
  10. Is there a way to set the button repeat speed? When I had the buttons in FSUIPC the reversers worked well and were up to 100% shortly after touch down. With Linda they take about 1/2 the runway to deploy fully and it seems to be due to a slow button repeat.
  11. Can't get them. The site requires coookies and aint no way I am enabling cockies for those sorts of sites. Will stick with my own. Thanks though.
  12. veldthui

    747X ND

    Ah you want the Range Rings. I thought they used to be there but just having had a look I cant say I can find them.Having looked at the 747400gauges.ini in the PMDG directory and found TCAS_ShowRangeRings=0 in the [ND] indicates they might have been but setting this to TCAS_ShowRangeRings=1 does nothing as well.John Veldthuishttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa475.png
  13. veldthui

    747X ND

    You can have full radius circles on the 744X if you want. Just turn them on. I don't like them myself because the ND/PFD is not big enough to show full detail clearly and everything looks crunched up.John Veldthuishttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa475.png
  14. No, 2GB is just enough and even then it requires the 3GB patch and if you are using Vista then it also requires a separate hot patch for a memory allocation issue that is not available through automatic updates. FSX takes a lot of juice to run well with things turned up. I was using a Dual Core/2GB/NVidia 8800GTX and was getting acceptable results but am now running a Quad Core/4GB machine.John Veldthuishttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa475.png
  15. It is not weather related. I have it everytime I intercept the GS. I would not call it violent though. The nose does pitch up once the intercept is close and engines do come up to speed (more so than the FS9 version ever did) until the intercept at which point everything settles again. If you are low and intercept close to the runway the descent is not really smooth as it takes a bit to stablise.Never noticed this in the FS9 version but is noticable in the FSX version.John Veldthuishttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa475.png
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