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  1. I do not believe such a huge deviation! Maybe you mixed up something.
  2. As the title says I`m wondering how to takeoff from an intersection? Because in my opinion the V1 and Vr speeds changed in that way. I know there is an entry on the second takeoff-page. But entering less distance won't change the speeds. Anyone out there who may help?
  3. Flows, commands checklists and some important procedures you may need! Please note that there is a color code on my papers and all the new exiting stuff from SP1 like new commands are already in there. GREEN = FLOWS BLUE = CHECKLISTS YELLOW = COMMANDS PURPLE = SOME FREQUENTLY USED PROCEDURES BOLD ITALIC = SPEECH COMMANDS Commands Page 1 Commands Page 2 Flows and Checklist Page 1 Flows and Checklists Page 2
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