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  1. Sorry for the broken link:
  2. I do not believe such a huge deviation! Maybe you mixed up something.
  3. As the title says I`m wondering how to takeoff from an intersection? Because in my opinion the V1 and Vr speeds changed in that way. I know there is an entry on the second takeoff-page. But entering less distance won't change the speeds. Anyone out there who may help?
  4. I'm using Apple's Pages for that. Hope you guys can open it even in Exel. So everyone want to have the original files, please send me a PM.
  5. Flows, commands checklists and some important procedures you may need! Please note that there is a color code on my papers and all the new exiting stuff from SP1 like new commands are already in there. GREEN = FLOWS BLUE = CHECKLISTS YELLOW = COMMANDS PURPLE = SOME FREQUENTLY USED PROCEDURES BOLD ITALIC = SPEECH COMMANDS Commands Page 1 Commands Page 2 Flows and Checklist Page 1 Flows and Checklists Page 2
  6. All flows, checklists and commands are updated to the latest version.FMA Callouts added.You'll find these sheets here:click!
  7. Glad, you like it!You can of course expect these sheets for the triple seven.Did you know I have one for the Jetstream?Check this out:Jetstream Page 1Jetstream Page2
  8. I'm done with all paper work!Unfortunately, I can't edit my first post to make it easy for you to get the stuff.So you have to find it right here.Please note that there is a color code on my papers and all the new exiting stuff from SP1 like new commands are already in there.Have fun, andalusi.GREEN = FLOWSBLUE = CHECKLISTSYELLOW = COMMANDSPURPLE = SOME FREQUENTLY USED PROCEDURESBOLD ITALIC = SPEECH COMMANDSCommands Page 1Commands Page 2Flows and Checklist Page 1Flows and Checklists Page 2
  9. I'm working on the rest of it tonight.Expect it in a few hours.By the way: Nice to hear someone like it :(
  10. The first part of the "Flow and Checklist" sheet is ready to download.Stay tuned for part two. note:- Read from left to right- All phrases in bold and italic are voice commands.- Only for VATSIM flying essential Flows are included
  11. I got the SP1 already, so it won't take too much time.
  12. Of course, but I have to make a few flights with SP1 to do not forget anything.The Flow sheet on my desk is actually from the Jetstream.
  13. Hello FS2CREW Users,I'm very impressed from this awesome add-on, so I decided to make my own Commands, Flows and Checklists on laminated paper.I would like to share this stuff with interested users.Please note that all new commands from SP1 are already included.I will start with the Command paper. Flows and Checklists are coming very soon.You can download page one and two from the links below.After that, print them out on a thick single paper and optional laminate it.
  14. andalusi

    Ground Crew contact problems

    Same here, I hope there is a solution soon...