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  1. Sorry for the broken link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oolpzn5gs3r5pf1/AADsoKHxJxi1bdhsbCHwCoh2a?dl=0
  2. I do not believe such a huge deviation! Maybe you mixed up something.
  3. I`m using FS2CREW-NGX since it has been released. Without any trouble. Today I configured the pushback panel but selected the wrong pushback site (right instead of left hand side). I noticed it while the push starts in the wrong direction. So I called: "stop pushback"! He stopped, but unfortunately after the "set brake" command, the pushback starts again. I wasn`t able to stop it. This is really frustrating, because it is not possible to continue the flight. I know that other users experience the same issue, so Bryan, you have to do something!
  4. Seems to me, I was missing something. What exacly is "online live map", Bryan?
  5. As the title says I`m wondering how to takeoff from an intersection? Because in my opinion the V1 and Vr speeds changed in that way. I know there is an entry on the second takeoff-page. But entering less distance won't change the speeds. Anyone out there who may help?
  6. I'm using Apple's Pages for that. Hope you guys can open it even in Exel. So everyone want to have the original files, please send me a PM.
  7. At least I am an "armchair aviator" as well. But if you compare to the countless real life videos on Youtube, in my opinion the call is way to early. I know that this is a minor issue, but it is not like real life, period. Maybe something is wrong with my setup, but I have no idea what exactly.
  8. As the title says, the FO starts immediately after Takeoff his "positive rate" call. Even before any positive rate is shown on the displays. Maybe something for a next update.
  9. I`m using TrackIR and have no problems to see both left and right site wings.
  10. Flows, commands checklists and some important procedures you may need! Please note that there is a color code on my papers and all the new exiting stuff from SP1 like new commands are already in there. GREEN = FLOWS BLUE = CHECKLISTS YELLOW = COMMANDS PURPLE = SOME FREQUENTLY USED PROCEDURES BOLD ITALIC = SPEECH COMMANDS Commands Page 1 Commands Page 2 Flows and Checklist Page 1 Flows and Checklists Page 2
  11. Seems to you don't understand me! In real-life crew's changed, so you have to confirm every switch is setup properly. In FSX I load my cold'n'dark panel state with no change. Here a small example: The preflight checklist says: INSTRUMENT XFER & DISPLAY SWITCH . . . . . . . . . . . . NORMAL, AUTO In real-life it can change because the previous crew may turned these switches. In FSX I KNOW nothing has changed because I load my panel state like every day. Hope you get it now!
  12. Hello Bryan and FS2CREW users, I take at least one flight a day since FS2CREW is released for NGX. In this time period I discover that running the checklists over and over become very boring, because nothing changed. Because all switches and buttons are in the same position like the flight yesterday and tomorrow. So, what do you think to add some miracle to FS2CREW who switched some necessary switches and buttons to a wrong position. In this particular case you MUST really check all the checklist items carefully, otherwise you will run in serious trouble later in flight. I hope you understand what I was trying to explain. Keep the good work up!
  13. Just say "swap comm one" without the "s" in comm.
  14. It works for me.Even with NAV1 and NAV2.
  15. All flows, checklists and commands are updated to the latest version.FMA Callouts added.You'll find these sheets here:click!
  16. Glad, you like it!You can of course expect these sheets for the triple seven.Did you know I have one for the Jetstream?Check this out:Jetstream Page 1Jetstream Page2
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